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I have been a lax correspondent of late, mainly because I’ve been distracted by the BBC online game CDX linked to the Rome series. Great game and reminiscent of In Memoriam, though not quite so fiendish, but a shared thread of the Sol Invictus. Give it a go.

Meanwhile, Mizz P is home again, not of home-sickness, but only because dad was able to snaffle a couple of tickets for McFly last night. Read more ›››


After all these weeks of glorious weather and sweltering in the office, what happens when I get to take a few days off? Yep, it has poured with rain all day, so hard at one point that the pergola threatened to collapse under the weight of water and had to be hurriedly disassembled.

But if the weather prevented any trips out, it did let me concentrate two things I’ve been focussed on lately, Titan Quest and my book, Panic, by Jeff Abbott and both are recommended. Read more ›››

A Brief History of Time-wasting

There are a few reasons I’ve been quiet of late: Read more ›››

Spoilt for Choice

Well, it’s 3pm on Christmas Day and it’s been a good one so far. My new ‘toys’ now include:

The Ashes DVDs The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories Read more ›››


It has been one of those no-original-thought days. Not even a what-can-I-plagiarise moment.

I’ve been distracted by a DVD (the “Dad’s Army” collection now available as a part work and I’m sorely tempted — issue one on special offer, bought, and I hadn’t seen the very first episode before); Read more ›››

Top o’ the World Ma (Almost)

I mentioned the other day finding the Orisinal games website and that my favourite was The Bottom of the Sea, well I’ve hit the top ten scores, first at no. 6 and now at no. 3 with a score of 2,300. Me, number three — in the world. Not even Tim Henman has scaled those dizzy heights.

Click the pic for a larger version. It is me, Mr Parrot, honest. Read more ›››


Just came across the Orisinal games site. Some of the most simple, stylish and entertaining distractions. My favourite is Three Monkeys.