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I have been occupying myself with more silly games, this one particularly so. Not sure how tasteful this is, given this week’s events, but when Miss P’s planned night on the town is scuppered with a suspect package closing Piccadilly Station, well you have to keep your pecker up. On which note, try this animation on the national identity card business.

Top o’ the World Ma

Well not quite. 2,426th to be precise, but not bad when you’ve a world population of billions to go at. I should probably explain myself at this point. Computer games are great. I’m just not very good at them, but every now and then one appears and I think, “Yep, I can do that.”

One such is Castle Attack 2. It came free on The Month, the free DVD that comes free with the Sunday Times, well every month. (It does exactly what it says on the on the cheap cardboard sleeve.) Read more ›››

Gosh. I am proud.

As Sub-lieutenant Phillips would have observed as he avoided hitting the harbour wall, or anything else, as he entered dock in the Navy Lark.

Such is my pride. We’re back to Prince of Persia: Sands of Time I’m afraid. I was having a go and enjoying it tremendously. Then I hit the place where you have to recover the Dagger of Time, or somesuch. Read more ›››


I’ve never been a great fan of PC games, at least not those first person jobbies. The ones that require more fingers and thumbs than our maker/evolution ever intended; the hand-eye coordination of a Top Gun fighter pilot genetically combined with Roger Federer; and the precision of a court stenographer, Oh, and the instinct of a 14-year-old,

However, in an idle moment tonight, I picked up the box of games that came ‘free’ with the PC I bought recently. Read more ›››