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A Sporting Salesman*

As I’ve mentioned before, I quite enjoy an episode of the game show Pointless, mainly because it is a bit of fun to try and come up with the most obscure answers.

The bit I often struggle with are the anagrams like the one on the left, I think because they require a degree of general knowledge even before you can start rearranging the letters. Read more ›››

It’s no joke

I wonder if one sign of ageing is losing your sense of humour? Or perhaps it’s because you’ve been around long enough to have heard all the jokes there can possibly be in all their variants?

This occurred to me as I was reading about the top fifteen jokes from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, as voted for by the viewers of the Dave tv channel, and thought most of them were rubbish. Read more ›››


Without wishing to state the obvious, isn’t laughter a funny thing? I don’t mean the actual physical act, but why is it that as a species we find things funny so much that we go out of our way to get a side-splitting laughter stich?

It makes us feel good, of course, which is why the gelotologists spend so much time studying the therapeutic benefits of a good giggle. Read more ›››

J is for James Bartley the Modern Jonah

Moby Dick

In the latter years of the 19th century, the whaling ship ‘Star of the East’ was operating around the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic when a whale was spotted.

The boats were launched and the whale harpooned, but its thrashing in the water capsized one of the boats and two men were lost, one of them a man called James Bartley… Read more ›››

What a Twit

One of the slightly disturbing aspects of the Connecticut shooting was the role played by social media.

It seems that when no-one in the media knows what’s going on, they turn to Twitter to report what other people think is going on, even though they don’t. Read more ›››

Editor’s Decision is Final

J Jonah Jameson

Last week Francisca bemoaned the inability to edit or delete comments on Shooting Parrots and I have to agree (with) her. It has been a bit of an oversight on my part and one I decided to rectify.

I figured it would be a straightforward function to add. All I would have to do is find a suitable WordPress plugin, install it and that would be that. Read more ›››

Joke Bandwagon

A few of my regular reads have published jokes recently and good ones too. I particularly liked Yorkie’s Love Story and the duck joke from Wartime Housewife.

Always one to leap upon a passing bandwagon, here is my contribution with a parrot theme.

I should point out that it is lifted from the magazine of the New Covenant Church in Manchester which Mrs P brought home with her after her choir was invited to sing there last weekend. Read more ›››

Gagging for It

Groucho Marx

Last weekend, Wartime Housewife posted this joke. It’s one I’d read before, but it still made me smile.

‘Read’ is the operative word in that last sentence. It’s not the sort of joke I’d expect to tell or be told because I suspect that most of us would run out of nationalities if trying to re-tell it in front of an audience. Read more ›››