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Life’s Little Irritants – No 18

Jacobs Cream Crackers

Feeling a little peckish today, I opened a packet of Jacob’s Cream Crackers this afternoon and on the side was a photo of said savoury biscuit topped with a piece of cheese and tomato. The caption beneath read “serving suggestion”. Why do they do that?

What is it about the concept of the cream cracker that Jacob suspects we haven’t mastered? Or do they think that we think we’ll find a ready made cheese and tomato snack inside and hold them in contempt when we don’t? Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants — No 17

Red Handed

We’ve had a grouse for some time about one of our postmen who seems to have it in for anyone who prefers internet shopping.

Whenever we’re expecting a parcel from Amazon or anyone else, we inevitably find a card on the doormat telling us that we were out. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants — No 16

When you’ve thought long and hard about spending a wedge of money, done the research on the web and then finally taken the plunge and paid online, what is the point of credit card security telling us that it isn’t such a good idea and we shouldn’t be so frivolous with our cash?

We’ve been mulling over a trip to Cape Town to see Darling Daughter for weeks. Should we, shouldn’t we? If we should, how long should we go for? That slowly evolved into who should we fly with and via which airport? Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants – No 15

There isn’t much that gets me shouting at the tv and radio. Well not since the last England game. Oh, and the budget earlier today. And whenever that stupid Go Compare advert appears. And… Okay, so maybe I shout at inanimate objects more than is healthy, but it is absolutely guaranteed when people start mangling the language.

I was wandering through the living room last night and caught some of those “Police! Stop! Death! Smash!” programmes and there was an officer on the phone to some woman. He was telling her that he’d “found a handbag belonging to yourself.” I walked back in the room to shout, “It’s ‘you’ you moron.” Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants – No 14

As Jenny was saying the other day,  the spread of self-scan counters at the supermarkets becomes more insidious by the day.

Well it must be if it has reached the sleepy consumer hollow that is Morrisons in Bredbury where they appeared a month or two ago. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants — No 13

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted an LLI since 2006 because so much in life is irritating. I mean, so much of modern life is a pain in the arse and we all love a good moan at the rubbish up with which we have to put. I guess it must be my naturally sunny nature. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 12

Actually, not so much an irritant, more of a question — why have we become so inconsistent when talking about the year? Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 11

As Jenny has pointed out, my posts have been football dominated lately which isn’t surprising given that quite a lot of my time over the last few days has been spent in front of the telly watching the matches or keeping track of the scores online.

So I thought I’d take a football -free time out for one of my occasional rantlets about the inconsequential irritants in life that can really get up my nose. Today’s subject is lifts. Read more ›››