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Life’s Little Irritants No 10

I must have been a happy bunny of late as I haven’t written an LLI since last summer. But there has been one nagging away at the back of my mind that I’ve shied away from tackling because, erm.., it seems so bloody petty — the supermarket trolley.

More precisely, poor and inconsiderate control of the same. That and the checkout. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No 9 — Apostrophes

With all the excitement over the cricket yesterday, I completely forgot to blog what I meant to blog about, namely the abuse of the humble apostrophe, that little mark that can totally change the meaning of a sentence.

Yes, I know it’s a bit Eats, Shoots and Leaves-ish, but it really gets on my tits when this most subtle of keystrokes is abused and misused, especially by folk who should know better. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 8

As a web aficionado, you can probably relate to this one. You are innocently surfing when suddenly, without warning, a site inflicts unnecessary sound effects. Or worse still, music. Not very good music at that.

Take this site for example. I think Flashman is a great character and I’ve read all the books, but I don’t really want plinky-plonky bursting out of the speakers, especially if I’m at work. Well, it’s a bit of a giveaway isn’t it? Nor do I expect to be lifted an inch or two out of my seat by this page. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No 8a

Oh dear. I’m grouching again. With Life’s Little Irritants I mean. And I bet it’s one you share — free newspapers, or more precisely the crap that attends their ink-grubbing of your fingers as you drag them through the letterbox, accompanied by the dog, sotto voce. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 7

There hasn’t been an LLI posting since December which tells us one of three things: 1. Polly was blown away with the warmth of the festive season into a mellow backwater of contentedness; 2. Someone has thrown a cover over Polly’s cage; or 3. the world had become a much better place. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 5

It has been nice to see that previous LLI postings have struck a chord with people, but I’m not sure if the latest in this occasional series will have quite the same resonance as it is probably my most petty irritant. It’s the new car number plate system.

Actually, the system isn’t that new having been with us for about four years, it’s just become more irritating for me because there are more and more vehicles with the new style plates and less of the old style. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 4

I was in the coffee shop this morning waiting for my large latte and toasted teacake, picking up email on my Blackberry and generally minding my own business. I moved to one side to let someone get to the counter and thought “Shit! I’ve been standing on some chewing gum.”

Forget about smokers, the chewers and spitters of gum are the real threat to the civilised world. Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 3

Even though it’s a long time since I passed my driving test, I try to keep in touch with changes to the Highway Code, but the rule that fog lights are compulsory once the clocks go back has passed me by.

At least that’s what you’d assume by the numbers drivers who do it. Read more ›››