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Life’s Little Irritants No. 2

One of my more trivial pleasures is the odd Polo, the mint with the less fattening centre. You can see that I’m easy to please, but an innocent pack of Polos also has it within itself to really tick me off.

The first irritant is when I open a fresh pack and find that the mints are broken. This is usually signalled by lots of white bits of Polo cascading on to the floor. And what good are bits? Read more ›››

Life’s Little Irritants No. 1

Why do some people when they get the busy tone when they call you then ring your mobile?

“Oh, hang on a minute, my mobile’s ringing. Hello? Sorry, can I call you back. I’m on the other phone. Okay? Bye. Read more ›››

Middle Lane Madness

With my preoccupation with sport last week, I didn’t get round to recording the publication of an RAC Foundation report that said we are ‘losing’ 700 miles of motorway because of poor lane discipline, ie those middle-lane morons who completely ignore the inside lane so that it becomes an empty, unused slip road hundreds of miles long. Read more ›››