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Sunday Round-up

Luxury vending: A dealer in luxury supercars in Singapore has created a fifteen storey high vending machine where you can pick up a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Maserati at the touch of a button.

Wrong ‘un: Kim Jong-un’s bid for world domination has spread as far as Teeside after a North Korean flag mysteriously appeared outside a house in Ingleby Barwick. Read more ›››

Chinese Puzzle

Hilton Street, Manchester

This is one of my favourite Manchester buildings which is close to China Lane, hence the post title, although in truth it is better described as being on Hilton Street.

I love its curved lines and the white stonework which shines so brightly when it’s sunny, so much in contrast with the older redbrick buildings around it. Read more ›››

London Road Fire Station

London Road Fire Station

London Road Fire Station has been part of my personal landscape for as long as I can remember which is probably why it is one of my favourite Manchester buildings.

It was the first important building we would come to on the number 21 bus that told you we were entering the city proper and for more than twenty years I could see it as I looked from my office window at Gateway House. Read more ›››

Fallen Angels

Christ on the Cross

I went back to Gorton Monastery this afternoon on the pretext of completing my set of photographs of the twelve Franciscan saints, but in fact I have become a little obsessed with the place and wanted to get buy some more of their literature.

Not only is it an impressive Gothic-style structure, its architecture has its secrets, like way that the light from the high clerestory windows exactly picks out the saints on their pedestals, matching them in both width and height. Read more ›››

Welcome to the Velodrome

National Cycling Centre Home of British Cycling

I’ve been busy messing with my blog theme by taking out the Random World images that used to be on the right and replacing it with a feed from my Flickr pages. Unlike the previous plugin, this one pulls random images from my entire collection, rather than the most recent page.

I’ve also added a feed to my latest Pinterest images in the right hand column. If you haven’t tried Pinterest yet, then you should. Apart from anything else, you can share my wonderful photos with the world! Read more ›››

Saints Preserved

Monastery Windows

Busy day yesterday, what with trying to catch the last events of London 2012 and make the most of the last of the Heritage Open Days. Quite a juggling act.

In between the marathon and murder ball, I was able to visit one of the most impressive buildings in Manchester – Gorton Monastery. Read more ›››

Midget Gems

Carpet Beaters

This is one of favourite weekends of the year – the Heritage Open Days – when all sorts of places with links to the past open their doors for free.

And before you say anything, it isn’t the ‘free’ bit that is the main attraction. It’s just that the weekend is a reminder to visit places those places on your doorstep that you otherwise drive past. Read more ›››

A Refuge for Thrift and Industry

Thrift and Industry

Another of my photos from downtown Manchester, this time a composite of two figures that you’ll find on the gates of the Palace Hotel.

Their names appear beneath each figure, although the one on the right is hard to make out. If you can’t be bothered to enlarge the image, I can tell you that these fine ladies are Thrift and Industry. Read more ›››