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Found Wanting

After my Bah! Humbug moment yesterday, I decided that I’d go in search of something more appropriate to the season for today’s festive soundtrack. I failed.

I came across the album, Christmas in the Country, on Spotify which included today’s track. What it was doing there, I’ve no idea, since Belshazah (sic) by Johnny Cash owes its inspiration to the Old Testament and the prophet Daniel rather than the nativity, but there you go. Read more ›››

Buy Nothing At All

I had the idea of posting the odd bit of festive music on the run up to Christmas, but I have to admit to distinct feelings of Bah! Humbug at the moment.

This is unusual for me as I have always enjoyed Christmas — the crowds on the high street, the parties, the blessed relief when the shops finally close on 24 December and there is nothing more to buy even if you wanted to, the day itself shared with your nearest and dearest, sharing gifts while carols play, Top Gear Christmas Special on the telly, good food and lots of it, even the jokes in the crackers. But not this year. Read more ›››

Commentator’s Claret-y

There was considerable pressure to ban alcohol from football grounds in the 1970s and 1980s and it is commonly assumed that this was a response to growing crowd violence and hooliganism.

In fact it was an attempt to stop BBC commentators making complete asses of themselves as this half-time report from the League Cup replay between the Uniteds of Manchester and Oxford illustrates. Read more ›››

Furacão me, it’s breezy

I was reading The Hot Word post on the etymology of the words hurricane, typhoon and cyclone. No surprise that two of them should take their names from mythology, but what did make me stop was the way that the comments flipped straight to the pretty basic theological statement — “God Controls the weather!”

This conjured up an image of a bearded old man in flowing robes at the controls of  some super-computer randomly hitting the buttons marked ‘blizzard’, ‘drought’, ‘tornado’ and ‘that really fine drizzle that gets you wetter than proper rain’. Read more ›››

Positively Testcard

I’ve finally discovered who it is that play the theme music for Danny Baker’s World Cup Show on BBC Radio Five. The laidback version of Match of the Day is by South London based Positively Testcard and is available to download from Amazon for 79p. [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″]

Saturday Soundtrack

I would dearly love to find a recording of the verion of the MOTD theme used by Danny Baker to introduce and play out his Saturday and Wednesday World Cup shows from SA on BBC FiveLive. It has a calming jauntiness that the country needs right now after the dismal showing last night, but despite my best Googling I haven’t been able to track it down. Read more ›››

The Great British Phone-in

We Brits are really good at stereotypes, from “all immigrants are illegal and only here to milk the NHS and the benefits system” to ” all ManU fans live in the home counties and Asia”. The former is bigoted and reactionary and especially so the latter. Yes there are plenty of Cockney Reds and the foreign following is massive, but in my experience of trips to OT the accents are local. Read more ›››

Clue Two

I think I’m in danger of becoming a Cymruphile. Yes, it is as rude as it sounds apparently when you Google it (explicitness warning) although I meant it it in the sense of Cymru (Wales) and phile, as in liking something.

The reason is Rob Drydon. I’ve mentioned him before (not in a Cyrmuphile context) and his excellent voice in ISIHAC. This time from just a few weeks ago — “Who do you think you’re kidding Mr Hitler” to the tune of “Yesterday Once More” by The Carpenters. Read more ›››