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The Return of Abulbul Amir

Abdul the Bulbul-Ameer

After looking again at my post about Percy French yesterday, I realised that the video from Bulgaria was forever buffering which is pretty annoying, so I removed it, leaving just the link, and replaced it with a recording of the song by Frank Crumit.

I must confess that there was a supplementary reason which was to try out the free Soundcloud online service which is quite nifty. Read more ›››

F is for Percy French

My ABC Wednesday for the letter F is even more self-indulgent than usual, concerning as it does the Irish songwriter, Percy French and his most famous creation that I recall from my childhood.

But first some background, French was born in 1854, the son of a protestant landlord in Roscommon and educated Foyle’s College, Derry… Read more ›››

King of the Road

King Bradley

I know there is still over a week to go before the end of the Olympics, but this photo is in the running for my abiding image of the games.

Having three enormous gilded thrones for the bronze, silver and gold medal winners of the men’s road cycling time trial at the finishing line at Hampton Court was completely over the top. Read more ›››

This is Pop

Now That's What I Call a Number One

The television production people certainly hit on a winning formula when they came up with their ‘The Nation’s Favourite 50 ……..’ formula. (Fill in you own blank.)

We seem to have been swamped by them in recent years. Our favourite tv moments, funniest sitcoms, best loved scenes from the soaps and others I can’t quite remember crop up regularly. Read more ›››


The Drum is Everything

I just love the serendipity of the connections that you make on the web that can take you back to things you forgotten. Like the band Carmel.

It was Chrissy over at Mancunian Wave that reminded me, but only after we’d connected via her YouTube channel where I spotted a music video from the mid-1980s. Read more ›››

My Life as a Duck


It suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t complete the story of Prudence the Duck. For those who missed my original post, she arrived in pool of our friend’s home in Las Vegas one breezy day and stayed for a couple of hours.

It seemed she and her mate had been attracted by the swimming pool, although they had to abort their water landing when they realised that the cover was still on it. Read more ›››

Don’t Fence Me In

You'll be sor-ree

We finally got round to making plans for where we want to go go while we’re in the US, or rather we got round to ripping them up.

Our original intention was to hire a car and drive over to Los Angeles to take in some sights there before heading south along the coast road to San Diego where the big attraction was the zoo. Read more ›››

Monkeeing Around

Davy Jones as Colin Lomax

I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of media coverage of the death of Davy Jones. Obviously I expected the sad news to be reported, but there has been wall-to-wall coverage, news programmes playing the many Monkees hits and even an hour long phone-in on Radio Five this morning.

Losing someone who brings back childhood memories always leaves you bereft (I still haven’t got over the death of Mr Pastry) but it is somehow more acute in Davy’s case because he was a contemporary, or pretty close to it. Read more ›››