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World in Motion with Vindaloo

World Cup fever the media calls it — how to fill up the footie free days before the big kick-off on Friday. On Sunday it was Soccer Aid and  the surreal sight of Woody from Cheers scoring the winner in a 7-6 penalty shoot-out for the Rest of the World.

Yesterday, the non-event of England versus Platinum Stars and the Mirror’s poll on which is the best World Cup song Anthem. My vote goes for Vindaloo which isn’t twee or sentimental and works on the basic premise that we’re going to score one more than you. I can also remember the words. Read more ›››


Well, yet another New Year’s Eve survived in one piece and yet another Jools Holland Hootenanny (HOOTENANNY!!) I don’t know about you, but was it quite as good as in previous years? Eddie Floyd and Madness were great and Seasick Steve was especially good, hence the embed above. I think it was the presence of Paul McCartney and the general air of sycophancy that seemed to surround him. The whole… Read more

All the Best Lads

I normally bar all mention of Christmas so far ahead of the event as there are plenty of people to make us heartedly sick of the whole thing before we even get to Stir-up Sunday. (3 December this year by my reckoning) “Seasonal” calendars in the shops, supermarkets decked out in tinsel and the telly advertising everything from sofas to Christmas trees.

But I’ve made an exception this year for the above — The Christmas Number Seven Project. Some lads in Hereford calling themselves the Black Mountains (after the hill of the same name) have worked out that selling 250,000 copies of their single to reach the Christmas No 1 is probably beyond them, but 45,000 to make No 7 is probably achievable. Read more ›››

Great Expectations

There are going to be a lot weddings, stag nights, shows and other events severely disrupted tonight as it seems the entire nation is determined to watch the rugby world cup final. Mrs P was meant to be going to watch a show, but will now not be going. Read more ›››


Please don’t press play until the end of the post. There is a reason.

Blimey, I got my first invitation to join a YouTube group by opulent7 whoever that is. (Own up please.) It’s one dedicated to XTC, one of my fave bands in another life of mine that was the 70s/80s. Read more ›››


The first LP I ever bought was This is Soul by James Brown though I don’t remember Living in America as being one of the tracks. (The vinyl version lurks somewhere boxed in the garage and I can’t arsed to check it out.)

So sad then that he died today and the sneaking suspicion of my own mortality, if not so lively lived. Sleep with the angels JB. Read more ›››

A Great Big Sled

How embarrassing for Miz P that her crusty old dad knew that one of her favourite bands had recorded a Christmas song for charity before she did. Worse still, COD also thinks it’s pretty good. Turn up the speakers and listen for yourself. Read more ›››

Gangster Ways

I shouldn’t say this, but I’m no great fan of Lynx. Not because I fear the whitter of corporate lawyers in helicopters ready to pounce on me for casting aspersions on their fragrances, but because it is Master P’s whiff of choice, and heavy and cloying it can be of a morning. Almost as bad as a perfumed whiff of Earl Grey tea. (Mrs P’s waking preference.)

But if Lynx has worked its way back into my good books, it’s the latest tv ad that has resurrected “Gangster of Love” as its theme tune. Note sure whose version. Grateful Dead? Steve Miller Band? But certainly not the definitive version by Johnny Guitar Watson. Read more ›››