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Places Not Visted – A=Amarillo

Typical. You spend decades escaping from Tony Christie’s dodgy hairdo and voice — Just when you’re breathing hard in a darkened corner, out it pops (Is this the Way to) Amarillo (don’t forget the brackets) on the PA. In the station, even as the backdrop as Barry Fry is interviewed on Radio Five about his hip-replacements. Read more ›››

The First Cut

The Mail on Sunday gave a free cd this week, as they do most weeks. “The Last Dance”, though why this should be depicted by a smartly dressed woman entwined with a bloke in dress suit is anyone’s gues Read more ›››

Trevor MacDonald Can be Bad for Your Health

There is nothing the media loves better than a good health scare story — MMR, SARS, vCJD, the list goes on and on. The first real biggie in my memory was AIDS. There were acres of newsprint and countless hours of tv predicting the demise of mankind (sorry personkind ), and has it happened? No.

But the coverage can have a major impact on people’s behaviour. During the above AIDS coverage (it wasn’t HIV then) I happened to be spending a week at the Department of Health’s press office. A minister had been cornered into saying (by the Sun, I think) that he would have no qualms in drinking from a cup that someone with AIDS had drunk from. Read more ›››