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The Pot Dog’s Tale

Yorkshire Pudding posted about a family heirloom yesterday, a silver cigarette case presented to his mum when she married in Delhi in 1945.

It is a link to his past that he clearly cherishes and like many of us, he worries that it might end up in a charity shop or on Flog It! when he’s gone because the memories mean little or nothing to those who inherit it. Read more ›››

Stop, Look, Listen and Think

Yorkshire Pudding kindly posted some photos of the red squirrels he saw on his recent trip to Formby as I’d asked him to and I can appreciate the problems he must have had in getting one of the critters to stay still long enough to pose.

I much prefer this native rodent to its incomer cousin, the grey squirrel, which infest our garden and steal the bird food. Read more ›››

Achtung, achtung

It’s a face that only a mother could love, or if like me you’re a Man United fan who saw him play, or better still an England fan on that Saturday of 31st July 1966 when he became immortal.

For the uninitiated, I should explain that the toothless wonder on the left is Nobby Stiles who these days they’d call a ‘holding midfielder’, loosely translated a player who kicks other players and keeps the passes simple. Read more ›››

Ils pensent qu’il a terminé …

‘Ils pensent qu’il a terminé – il a maintenant.’ I’m fairly confident these were not the words used by the French Kenneth Wolstenholme as Geoff Hurst scored the fourth goal in England’s 1966 victory in the World Cup final, but I like to think they were.

It’s rather scary to be part of history rather than a student, even if it was only as a spectator, but as the country looks back at 1966 and all that, I figured I should add my own recollections. Read more ›››

Knowledge is Power

Having written about one of the favourite soft drinks of my childhood the other day, I was reminded of the Vimto Book for Scholars, subtitled Knowledge is Power, that was a prized possession when I was young.

I had several copies over the years, but can’t recall how you went about getting one – I think they were simply given away in the local sweet shop every now and then. Read more ›››

Till Death Us Do Part

There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without an anniversary of some sort to remind me of just how old I’m getting. And here’s another. Fifty years ago today saw Till Death Us Do Part air on the BBC for the first time.

Actually, that’s not strictly true. The characters first appeared in the Comedy Playhouse pilot Till Death… in 1965, but let’s not quibble. Read more ›››

Boss Brings City to its Knees

Bruce Springsteen was supposed to be playing to 60,000 people at the Etihad Stadium last night. I say ‘supposed to’ because quite a few missed the show because the city was in a lock down of total traffic chaos.

It was caused by a combination of bad timing – the show started at 6:30pm, coinciding neatly with rush hour – and five idiot drivers who either managed to drive into one of the city’s trams or get their cars stuck on the tracks. I’m guessing people who were unfamiliar with the city. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Smell of the week: For the librarian in your life, perfumier Christopher Brosius brings you In the Library, a scent that promise ‘a whisper of the frayed cloth and the wisp of wood polish from the shelves’.

Alternatively, you could try Dead Writers which ‘evokes the feeling of sitting in an old library chair paging through yellowed copies of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald and Poe’. Read more ›››