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Commercial Break

Official Game of London 2012

I’d been out taking advantage of the sunshine last night to take some photos and when I returned I turned on the tv to watch the England women’s hockey semi-final when a strange thing happened. There were adverts.

The set was tuned to one of the Sky channels and having watched nothing but the Olympics on the BBC for the past fortnight I’d also had a break from commercials. Read more ›››

Para Queen

No, I’m not about to have a moan about the Olympics opening ceremony – that could be safely left to the Daily Mail.

Having reluctantly admitted that it was ‘bloody brilliant’, it couldn’t help adding that ‘viewers voice anger over announcements being made in French first‘. Read more ›››

What has that got to do with the price of milk?

The problem I have with reading the Sunday papers is that they’re full of people who can really write, people who can put into words what you’re thinking if only you’d thought about it.

I’m a fan of Rod Liddle who has an entertaining column in the Sunday Times and the temptation is to plagiarise his work for my blog, but I don’t because I’m bigger than that. And I don’t want to be sued. Read more ›››


Incredible: Johnny Rotten and Louise Mensch on Quetion Time

Don’t you ever wonder if people mean what they say or say what they mean? Do they use the right words when they should know better?

The latest case in point is Louise Mensch, the 41-year-old MP for Corby*, who admitted taking Class A drugs in her youth when she was on Question Time on Thursday. Read more ›››

Slow Carr Crash

Jimmy Carr

The row over Jimmy Carr’s tax affairs is a timely reminder that far from us all being in the same boat, most of us are paddling like fury while towing luxury yachts on which are smug gits like him lounging around and sipping champagne.

Carr tells us it’s all been a terrible misunderstanding. Apparently, he didn’t tell his agent that he wanted to avoid paying 80 percent tax. Read more ›››

Euro Vision

Blackadder and Baldrick

Well it seems Greece finally has something to cheer at last. I’m sorry I missed it, but I was out for the evening. The question is, will it influence the vote in today’s election?

Whatever the outcome, it seems the Euro is unlikely to get out of the mess it is in as described here by Blackadder and Baldrick*: Read more ›››

It Flows Downhill


As I mentioned the other day, I’m not particularly anti-Europe. Their legislation is certainly no more daft than the ones our home grown bureaucrats come up with.

But there is no doubting that the politicians have made a complete hash of the economy and that the Euro was designed to give the northern countries, particularly Germany, a competitive edge on the world market. Read more ›››

Won’t Get Fooled Again?

Matt Cartoon

The news that doctors are planning to go on strike for the first time in 37 years is a couple of days old and I’m still not sure if I’m entirely sympathetic.

I don’t have a problem with people protecting their pension rights – as far as I’m concerned, when you sign up to what is essentially a lifetime’s employment commitment, the pension package is part of the deal yo be honoured by the employer. It isn’t as if there is a competing NHS that the docs could go and work for instead if they’re unhappy. Read more ›››