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The Road to Hell

Deal or no deal?

What a difference a few days make. On Friday, the Daily Mail had a photo of David Cameron on its front page with the headline, “Hand me the keys to No10”.

By weekend, it talked of shabby deal-making when it became clear that he had to agree terms with Nick Clegg if he was to avoid having to lead a minority government. Read more ›››

Coalition of the Wilting

For once, the media have not been exaggerating (much) by describing the events of today as momentous, not least Gordon’s announcement that he is to stand down as both PM and Labour leader.

You do wonder how much the politicians have learned from the past, in particular 1974. Read more ›››


This little aside that UKIP cost David Cameron outright tenancy of No10 must be the political equivalent of me claiming that the offside goal that Drogba scored against ManU cost us a 19th title — ultimately pointless. Read more ›››

Limp Election

Storm over Westminster

Well, 24 hours later and we’re still no wiser as to what exactly has happened as a result of the election. Actually, “no result” would be a description closer to the mark. The Parrot household was up until gone 4am and we were as clueless when we crawled to bed as we had been when the polls closed.

The BBC didn’t help cast much light on events, in fact their coverage was decidely odd. Despite months of preparation and a whacking great budget, you’d think it was something they’d cobbled together at the last minute. Read more ›››

Polly the Reformer

Nick Clegg has been banging on about reforming the UK elctoral system now that it looks as if the LibDems will have a bit of clout in a hung parliament. Most of the systems being talked about sound a bit complicated to me — single transferable votes, party lists, additional member systems etc.

We have enough trouble getting people bothered enough to put a simple X against one name, let alone perming any three from six. Read more ›››

Bread and Circuses

I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, but I haven’t seen or heard much of David Cameron over the last few weeks. Apart from the tv debates, I can only recall his media call at Warburtons in the first days of the campaign.

That must have had his PR team in a quandary — whether to pose him in front of racks of thick or thin loaves and the subliminal message this might have sent out, so they plumped for the middle of the road medium sliced option. Apparently, it is okay to be labelled “medium” in modern politics. Read more ›››

I’m voting Republican because…

Love this video. Strange that I came across via the Telegraph’s re-designed website, not known for its support for the Democrats. See the website. Read more ›››

Magnetic Non-personality

I haven’t written anything for ages partly because I’ve been busy at work and too whacked in the evening to think about it, but mainly because I seemed to run out of things to write about.

I did start a post on an eventful outward holiday journey to Cyprus which culminated in Master P losing his passport less than an hour after landing, but I decided to spare his blushes. Read more ›››