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The Heat is On

Despite all the divisions in the world on religion (and what a waste of time and lives that is) the one I struggle most with is the creed of climate change. It isn’t that I’m in denial as climate change sceptic or that I’m a rabid environmentalist. I guess I’m what you’d call a climate change agnostic. Read more ›››

Counting the Cost of Education

I will have mentioned before that Ms P is in her second year at university where she is working hard and taking her work seriously, but it has brought home to me just how much we and she has to pay so that the government can reach its target of having 50% of school leavers going on to higher education.

To start with there are the student loans. The argument goes that university educated people earn more in later life and so should put something back into the coffers. Apart from the fact that these higher earners will be putting something back by paying more taxes, it misses the point of what happens when, and if, they hit the 50% target. Will there be more high paying jobs? I don’t think so. Read more ›››

Clarkson for PM

Being something of a Clarkson fan, I loved his imagined manifesto (penned by Leo McKinstry) were he to stand for Prime Minister in the Mail today, unhallowed be thy name. This was in light of the petition to this effect at the excellently flaky

I doubt that Jezza would sign up to all 20 policies, but probably above half. And the thing is that, if he were to stand, he’d probably surf into No.10 pm on a landslide, assuming you can ride a surfboard on slip-sliding earth. Read more ›››

Caught in the Flashlight

As a law-abiding citizen (for the most part) and having had a clean driving licence for the best part of two decades, it was irksome to get two speeding fines in the space of just 18 months. The circumstances were the same on both occasions. They were on broad roads with hardly another vehicle in sight, it was dry and bright, they weren’t residential areas and there wasn’t a school in sight. But there were speed cameras.

That was the annoying bit. I wasn’t being reckless, 46mph in a 40 zone and 35mph in a 30, and no threat to the commonwealth as far as I could tell. But speed cameras aren’t subjective. Rain or shine, day or night, cross the line and you’re guilty, black or white. Read more ›››


It is been quite a week for lifestyle health scares. Parents are going to get a nanny-style ticking off if their kids are overweight because it causes diabetes in latter life and by 2050 more than half of us will be obese. (Although it’s not our fault apparently.) Meanwhile, it is the affluent who are drinking too much and they/we should stop it tout de suite.

Food and drink to the anti-nanny state critics, if you’ll pardon the apt cliche. And there are plenty of them, some of which I link to, not because I necessarily agree with their criticism of the nanny state, but mostly because they can be an entertaining read. Read more ›››

Lemony Fool

Don’t you just love it when the media get taken in by the most unlikely stories because they want to believe it’s true. I came across one today on the Telegragh webite, the tale of a group of parents who have set up the Happy Endings Foundation dedicated to doing away with children’s books that have a sad denouement because kids can’t take an unhappy ending. Read more ›››

He plays on the left, he plays on the right…

No so much Ronaldo, more Gordo who has had a dither-fit by not calling an election. What a wuss. Mind you, the same header accusation could be aimed at Cameronio who couldn’t win a one ticket lottery, but seems to have convinced Brown that he might lose. So who is it that doesn’t want a poll? Apart from Ming the Merciful? Read more ›››

Green By Design

It seems the jury is out on whether the design I use for this blog is kinder to the environment than those with a white background. According to the Blackle search engine, using a black background means that monitors use less energy and they quote ecoIron saying that if Google switched its colour scheme it could save 750 megawatt hours a year. Read more ›››