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Think The Unthinkable

All in all the Parrot family did okay for Christmas prezzies. I won’t bore you with the details other than to say that one of my favourites is “Is it just me or is everything shit?“, the encyclopedia of modern life by Steve Love and Alan McArthur. It’s a grumpy old git of a read, but funny, entertaining and a jaundiced view of the world that strangely resonates.

I’m only up to the letter C category, but one of my favourites is number six on the list of “The 10 definitive Reasons Why Tony Blair Is Fucking Rubbish”: Read more ›››

Horses Midstream

If Mr Cameron’s Conservatives succeed, the electoral future belongs to image consultants and marketing experts. But if Mr Brown prevails, there might be a return to real politics. We might actually find ourselves arguing once again about the basic principles of taxation and spending, welfare dependency and wealth creation: as far as Blairites are concerned, this would be a step back into the dark ages before we kicked all this ideological nonsense into the undergrowth. In so many respects – not least those that Mr Brown himself would choose to emphasise – a Brown ascendancy would be a repudiation of what Mr Blair has stood for. But a Cameron win would be a vindication. Read more ›››

Britons never, never…

I thought I was hearing things this morning. Did that guy on the radio really say that millions of black people around the world are suffering from post-traumatic slavery disorder? He couldn’t have surely. But he did.

This remark came in the context of Tony expressing “deep sorrow” about Britain’s role in the slave-trade in the New Nation, the one that stopped short of an outright apology to avoid the inevitable avalanche of lawsuits that would have landed on No 10’s doormat. Read more ›››

Hate Something, Change Something

Will all this talk of changing the law because the courts failed to find Nick Griffin guilty of inciting racial hatred prompted this interesting opinion column in today’s Telegraph by Janet Daley as well as this one in yesterday’s ST.

I think they raise significant issues, not least that you can legislate against behaviour and actions, but hatred is a state of mind and the day laws are passed to penalise people for what they think, no matter how abhorrent, spells the death knell of free speech. Read more ›››

Veiled Threat

After all that fuss about women wearing the hijab, I can’t believe that this problem hasn’t been an issue before. What is the point of having photo ID if no-one is allowed to see your face? It’s bit like having one of those fingerprint security thingies for your PC, but always having to wear gloves. Totally pointless. Read more ›››

This Post is Pre Post-Modern

“I know many Americans are not satisfied with the situation in Iraq,” he said. “I’m not satisfied either.”

Thus spake GWB today, ever the master of the understatement. I’ve just finished re-reading How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World by Francis Wheen, recommended reading if you want someone to cut through the post-modernist twaddle for you. Read more ›››

Unreality TV

I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I often get suckered into the plot. The 24 series became real for me and I actually believed that picking up the phone might get me on to Who Wants to be a Millionnaire, but tonight’s episode of The Amazing Mrs Pritchard took the credulity biscuit.

It was the bit near the end when Mrs P (not the name) decides that Westminster should be moved from London to Bradford. Setting aside the “If the world had piles” joke, the idea hasn’t a chance, not because it’s naive, but because it doesn’t go far enough. Read more ›››

In the Name of God

I know lots of other people have made this observation, and I normally resist repeating the bleedin’ obvious, but I couldn’t in this instance. How could Allah’s doctor of revolving medicine have got it so wrong? Having been offended by words hundreds of years old, they demonstrate their humanity and peaceful nature by firebombing churches, murdering a nun and generally having it in for an old bloke in a skirt. So Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus got it wrong then? Read more ›››