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The House

All is quiet and well in the Parrot household. Master P and his mates are gaming in the office, while Mrs and Miss P are watching BB. They claim it’s all to do with observing the group dynamics. Mrs P is a psychology graduate, Oxon no less, while for Miss P this is the new challenge in Sheffield. At least it’s their story and one they’re happy to stick to.

Me? I’ve spent most of the day with Andy Burnham as he talked about new hospitals being built under the ‘controversial’ Private Finance Initiative. I’ve been with some great people in Salford, which was something of a media circus, where Hope Hospital will finally get rid of some of the most crappy Victorian buildings with accommodation more suited to the 21st Century, let alone the 19th. Read more ›››

Never so offended? You must get out more

When I first saw that poster of Wayne Rooney, my first thought was “Wow! What a striking image,” and I still think so. I certainly didn’t think it was some call to arms as Labour MP, Stephen Pound, would have it.

“This is such a horrible image and is so horribly war-like that it can only be described as Nike being crass, offensive and insensitive as they try to hitch poor old Rooney to their commercial bandwagon. Read more ›››

A Letter Not Written

I see the Mail on Sunday is up to its usual mischief today, publishing a letter supposedly circulating Westminster calling on TB to bugger off. In fact, it was an entry by Neal Lawson posted on Compass on Friday that MoS topped with ‘Dear Tony’ and tailed with ‘Yours, the Labour Party.’ Disingenuous to say the least.

None of the Above

It’s local election day and I can confidently predict that tomorrow’s papers will be bemoaning the low turnout and wringing their hands over voter apathy, but I think they will have got it the wrong way round. It isn’t voter apathy that’s the problem, but candidate apathy.

In the weeks leading up to the election, I have not had a single knock on the door, a leaflet or even car plus megaphone drive by screaming “Vote for Me!” The only political message to come through the letterbox was the usual “look at us, we’re warm and cuddly” Lib-Dem newsletter. Read more ›››

Two Shags Prezza

I mostly fight shy of politics when blogging. Experience elsewhere tells me that it usually ends up in nah-nah name-calling in the comments slot and/or you get pigeon-holed which is probably worse. So I’ve left red-top headline writers to it (see above,) Until now.

It’s his barmy claim that much of what was printed today is untrue. So far, so good, but taking his anger to the Press Complaints Commission? If the lady had lied, why not his lawyer to grab most. if not all, of her six-figure fee, or even more from the Mail on Sunday that published such scurrilous accusations? Or the even deeper pockets of Max Clifford? Read more ›››

Pigs and Trough?

The sleaziness and greediness of politicians can be breathtaking, but this story of three politicians in Trafford on £1,000 an hour on top of their usual allowances and expenses is nothing short of asphyxiating. Let’s hope that Dave and his multi-coloured dream ticket can sort ’em out.

A Very Paranoid Coup?

I watched with interest last night’s docu-drama about the suspected coup by the ‘establishment’ to oust the Wilson government in 1975. He was the first heavyweight politician I ever saw in action when I heard him speak at the Manchester Free Trade Hall in the late 60s. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but he was charismatic and left an impression on me. Read more ›››

Never in the Same Room Together

You must admit the likeness is uncanny. So it’s Data Cameron from now on. Grudging hat-tip to Richard Littlejohn in today’s Daily Blackmail.

UPDATE: If I get my feathered arse into gear, I can get Data Cameron’s autograph tomorrow at CollectorMania at G-Mex, not to mention Andy Serkis, John Rhys Davies, Danny John Jules and the bloke who played Trigger in Only Fools and Horses. Read more ›››