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Interesting take on the future of the Conservative party by Danny Kruger saying it should be more like Linux and Wikipedia and less like Microsoft and the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Good advice for any political party I would say, involving the ‘folkmoot‘ rather than the ‘husting‘ in choosing a leader and debating policy. Read more ›››

In the Club

I’m not a big joiner of clubs. To start with, I hate being pigeon-holed, that someone would assume the cut of my jib just from the badge I wear. “Any club that would have me as a member…” etc. Second, I’m am an increasing curmudgeon who only joins things to question its values.

Having been invited to join the Witanagmot Club back in August, I have since resisted. I’m not a “nationalist” other than not being too displeased to have been born in England, but I don’t rule out anyone else, barring the French. Read more ›››

On a Lighter Note

This made me smile yesterday. Also today’s Guardian sketch by Simon Hoggart on the Tory leadership vote:

Nicholas Winterton bumped into the Labour MP Steve Pound, almost literally. “If I were any younger, I’d be standing,” he said. “If you were younger, you wouldn’t be a Tory,” Pound replied. Read more ›››

The Great White Hunters

It was rather sad to see the end of Ken Clarke, the “big beast” of the Tory party sent packing to the elephants’ graveyard with very little ceremony and less than 20% of the parliamentary vote. I suppose that was the downside of his age and experience recommendations — those qualities also breed enemies in the up-its-own-backside world of Westminster. Read more ›››

Something Rotten in the State of Politics

I listened to the radio adaptation of “The House of Cards” by Michael Dobbs in the car last week. Great fun. Knock-about politics, dirty scheming and total suspension of disbelief. After all, the politicos don’t really behave like that, do they?

The Richard III based Francis Urquhart character eating his way to the leadership of the Conservative Party through blackmail, black politics and even murder. Read more ›››

Kick About

What exactly is a multi-cultural football tournament? Do teams from different faiths and backgrounds play to their own local rules? Do they have different numbers of players? No. They were a bunch of blokes kicking a ball around. Read more ›››

Euro Fighters

I’ve said before that I’ve no view one way or the other on the European Constitution because I just don’t understand it, but after all the squabbling yesterday, I’m beginning to think that the French and Dutch were right — it isn’t a good idea. I mean, if they can’t agree over the housekeeing money, they’re unlikely to agree on much else.

More is Less

Clarkson again I’m afraid: Every day we are bombarded with surveys that tell us what the nation is thinking. These help shape government and corporate policy. Yet the people who are being questioned — you and me — have no clue what we’re talking about. Read more ›››