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It has ceased to be

“I may no longer practice medicine, but I can tell a corpse when I see one and this constitution is a case for the morgue if ever I saw one – this is a dead constitution.” It’s not often I agree with Liam Fox, but I’m with him on this one.

Transport Timebomb

I was listening to Tessa Jowell being interviewed on Radio Five this morning about how much investment there would be in London’s public transport infrastructure were the city to be awarded the 2012 Olympic Games. I’m afraid her argument fell a long way short of convincing me.

It went something like this: the Olympics are held in August when the numbers using public transport drops by 20%, that the people attending the games will only add an extra 5%, therefore there will be a nett reduction of 15% on the numbers normally using public transport. Read more ›››

House Sale Falls Through

The Independent hits the nail on the head over the ‘Non!’ vote: With hindsight, it might have been better to separate the the writing of the constitution — short and idealistic in tone — from a basic law bringing together and streamlining all the legal instruments. There will doubtless be much hand-wringing to this effect in the days and weeks to come. (No link to the full leader because it requires a subscription.) Read more ›››

This is getting to be a habit

Jeremy Clarkson on the BBC strike this week: Read more ›››

Mr Nasty

Not a nice bloke that George Galloway. No sooner had he been made MP for Bethnal Green and Bow than he rounded on the returning officer and gave her a right tongue-lashing, saying that the voting arrangements had been a shambles that would “disgrace a banana republic” and she should resign first thing Friday. He may be right, but there’s a time and a place George. Read more ›››

Five Minutes is a Long Time in Politics

With the election at fever pitch (okay, so maybe running a slight temperature) and the thrill of the count to come (note to self: bed by 10pm) I was reminded of the dirty tricks and underhandedness of previous ballots. No, not by the politicos, but by the media.

In years past, Mrs P was a reporter on the local paper and was hired by ITN to fire back the local result asap, a big bonus on top of the already generous fee for one night’s work was in the offing if she could beat the BBC to the result. Read more ›››

See, I Was Paying Attention

I’ve obviously been paying far closer attention to the politicos than can be healthy having scored +67.7 in this test.

“That means that you’re…

* better informed than 91% of people who’ve already taken the quiz Read more ›››

The Moon’s a Balloon

Ms P told me that her sociology tutor asked the class today, “If you were old enough to vote, who would you vote for and why?” (He dodged the question himself, only saying that he would vote but not for whom, presumably fearful of accusations of political bias, albeit in a mood of instilling social responsibility.) Read more ›››