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Big Bang Goes Phut

All hell has broken loose in Manchester two days after the government pulled the plug on funding for the promised expansion of the excellent Metrolink. “Betrayed” was the word the Manchester Evening News used, and they wouldn’t be far off the mark. £520 million had been promised, of which £200 million has already been spent on the preparatory work. Read more ›››

Carrying the Can

Poor Hazel Blears seems to be carrying the can for putting the wind up people by telling them to stock up on Spam, other canned foods and bottles of water in case there’s a terrorist attack in the UK. Seems pretty sensible to me, given that terrorism has a section all to itself on the Home Office website, and surely all the preparations on the UK Resilience site can’t have been made just for the hell of it. Read more ›››


News today that Nicola Sturgeon is to stand aside to allow former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond to join the race to replace his successor. Sounds fishy to me. Think about it.

Yes, Minister

Gordon Brown today made public a remarkable discovery — that there are more civil servants than we need to run the country. As he has been Chancellor of the Exchequer since 1997 and has been mixing it with the Whitehall manadrins all that time, the only remarkable thing is that he has only just noticed.

Gordy reckons that slashing 80,000 out 550,000 (550,000!) jobs will save five billion pounds that he can invest in frontline services. (Intersting statistic that; it means the average salary plus on costs is £62,500 a year, the civil service being a nice little earner apparently.) Read more ›››

A Fitting Memorial?

The Queen today unveiled (if that’s the right word) the fountain celebrating the life of Diana. There has been a fair bit of criticism that this isn’t a fitting enough memorial, but I think it sums her up perfectly — gushing, wet and shallow!

Truth Hurts

Our health secretary John Reid has got himself in trouble for suggesting that, for single mums on council sink estates, smoking might be their only pleasure. Not the wisest thing for him to say, but only because it brings out the worst in our national trait that says ‘the poor must change because it’s good for them’ which liberal attitude has failed for more than a century. Read more ›››

Bedtime for Bonzo

Much as I disliked his politics, you had to admire Ronald Reagan for his sincerity and pity him for spending the last ten years of his life coping with Alzheimer’s disease — in some ways his death will have come as a relief and a release.

He will be remembered for many things, but perhaps most of all for the impression that here was a simple man with simple beliefs that he followed with great conviction. Read more ›››

Political Map

With the elections coming up, I figured I’d find out where I was on the political map by whizzing over to Political Compass, an online test that works out where you stand — left or right, authoritarian or libertarian.

I wasn’t too surprised by the result (above) I seem to be about where Mohandas Gandhi is, so fairly leftish with a tad of the libertarian, which is about how I voted. Phew, just as well because I’ve already posted my ballot paper. Read more ›››