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What a Twit

One of the slightly disturbing aspects of the Connecticut shooting was the role played by social media.

It seems that when no-one in the media knows what’s going on, they turn to Twitter to report what other people think is going on, even though they don’t. Read more ›››

Criminal Record

Crime Map

Say what you like about pen-pushers and bureaucracy, you have to admit that public services have really grasped the advantages of the information age.

Just this week I was able to renew my road tax online, but only after the system reminded me that my MOT was out of date. It just ‘knew’ I was illegal. Read more ›››

Including the kitchen synch

Kitchen Sink

The sheer number of ways of accessing coverage of the London 2012 is pretty mind-blowing, at least compared to previous Olympics that tended to be restricted to a terrestrial tv station or two and BBC radio.

Auntie Beeb has gone absolutely bananas this time round. Yes it will be on the main channels wall-to-wall and Radio Five Live ‘is your Olympic station’ but there is so much else besides. Read more ›››


Fred Perry and Bunny Austin

It has been quite a nostalgic weekend on the BBC, what with Andy Murray being the first Brit to make the men’s singles final for 74 years.

What a great excuse for dusting off archives and playing the clipped home counties accent of the commentary from 1938.

But it has at least reminded us who Bunny Austin and Fred Perry were. Read more ›››

Fiddler on the Roof

Frizington Saddlery from Trip Advisor

With all the talk about the wonders of Google in recent posts, it’s a timely reminder about how useful its services can be, although some overestimate its capabilities.

I remember a conversation with someone who shall remain unnamed about what traffic problems we might encounter on a shopping trip. This otherwise savvy person suggested that we check out the roads on Google Earth. Read more ›››

EU Couldn’t Make It Up

I’m not usually one of those who blames everything on Brussels and the Eurocrats, but every now and then I get the feeling that there is someone sat at a desk, chewing his pencil, wondering what he can add to the list of ‘things we should be worried about’.

Unless you’ve visited previously in the last 24 hours, you will have been greeted by the message above on your computer screen and it deserves a post by way of explanation. Read more ›››

Faxing by the Book

Old Fax Macine

Owl Wood’s comment on yesterday’s post reminded me of that once great piece of cutting edge technology, the fax machine, and how it once met its bureaucratic match.

It was in 1994 when I changed jobs and was briefly based in the offices of what was the Family Health Services Authority in Manchester. Read more ›››

Ball and Chain

Old Mobiles

Although I’m a sucker for gizmos and gadgetry, there’s a lot about the Information Age that I dislike and top of the list is the mobile phone which has allowed communication to become instant, constant, incessant and pointlessly intrusive.

I must admit, I didn’t see it coming or I would have done something about it. Not mobile phone technology in general, just me in particular for allowing it to become my master instead of my servant. Read more ›››