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Inspect a Gadget*

Livescribe Echo Pen

I’ve always been a fan of technology and gadgets, but I’m not sure why since technology and gadgets don’t seem to be great fans of mine.

In fact, whenever I read the words ‘simple to install’ or ‘three easy clicks’, I think to myself: ‘Ah yes, but you haven’t come across Mr Parrot before.’ Read more ›››

It never rains, but…

No, this is not a diatribe about the south moaning about their ‘drought’ while it seems to have done nothing but rain here in the verdant north of England. It’s more to do with the way life’s hiccups seem to hit you all at one go.

It started when I arranged to meet an old friend who I haven’t for a while. The plan was to get together yesterday lunchtime and apart from not having seen each other since before Christmas, the idea had added poignancy because the pub where we meet is about to close. Read more ›››

Going Dark

I went on strike yesterday in support of the poor and downtrodden that is Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales.

Not that I expect that anyone noticed, least of all the present and/or future incumbent of the White House, but it’s the thought that counts. Read more ›››

iPad Envy

iPad Envy

I have been an idle blogger of late and I haven’t much of an excuse except the usual ones — too many other things to do and nothing interesting to write about, not even of interest to me. But it also might have something to do with a bad case of iPad envy.

My daughter brought home her new toy on Friday, a replacement for her five year old iBook and necessary for her university work she says. Read more ›››

Steve Jobs

There will be countless valedictory words written and spoken about Steve Jobs and his influence on modern life, indeed I have heard already this morning on the day of his death.

But while the commentators have focused on Jobs the innovator for the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, most have overlooked his greatest contribution to our lives — the personal computer as we know it. Read more ›››

Reverse Technology

Fed up with 3D movies? Technology has the answers — glasses that let you watch your film in good old two dimensions as nature, Hitchcock, Spielberg et al intended.

For just $8 (plus $3 shipping) will send you a pair of specs that will flatten all that wispy dandelion seeds floating around the screen in Avatar so that you can concentrate on the plot instead. Read more ›››

Voice of America

Dragon Age

Overseas call centres are the bane of my life, especially when the person on the other end of the phone claims to be called Steve or Robert or somesuch when clearly that isn’t his given name.

I’ve sometimes thought about adding the subject to my occasional Life’s Little Irritants theme, but it too obvious a target even for my carping criticism, like shooting fish in a barrel. Read more ›››

Virgin on the Ridiculous


You can blame Richard Branson for my recent lack of posts. I know I do.

It started at the end of last week. Or rather it didn’t start because our internet connection suddenly vanished.

I wasn’t too concerned at first because it does occasionally drop off. Unplugging and replugging the box usually puts it right, that and a swift kick in the modems, but not this time. Read more ›››