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Parrot, You Have a Problem

I had a phone call last night that began with: “Hello, is that Mr Parrot?”

The connection was ropey and the accent was foreign, not so much Indian call-centre, more middle European, and I wondered long it would be before I was reassured that he wasn’t trying to sell anything, or that I’d won a competition I hadn’t even entered, or there were representatives in my area that week. But he didn’t. Read more ›››

Treasure Underfoot

Treasure Seeker Sandals

I do like my gadgets, the more useless the better, but how about metal detector sandals? They sound great, but I usually associate lost treasure with muddy fields and rain, or am I being unfair to metal detecting societies?

At least you shouldn’t feel as nig a chump as you would roaming the countryside sporting earphones and an upended frying pan. Read more ›››

The Digi Thing

I’m taking a risk here by owning up to reading this article. (My name is Shooting Parrots and I am a Daily Mail reader.) Embarrassment aside, the nub and gist of the piece was that digital radio is headed the way of Betamax and Stereo 8 to be consigned to the dustier corners of technology/marketing obscurity because is doesn’t do the job and we just don’t buy the kit and… Read more

Techno Bollocks

Last week I was questioning whether new technology is all it’s cracked up to be. It wasn’t a luddite whinge. I genuinely do doubt that digital tv or radio is better than analogue. For sure they cram in more channels, but three questions: Read more ›››

Boxing Not So Clever

I sometimes wonder if ‘new technology’ is often less helpful than the ‘old’ one. We had a new phone system installed at work this week which involves pressing more buttons than we ever had to do before: Read more ›››


I had a date with a Genius today. Well more an appointment than a date because that is what you have to do if you want to speak to someone at an Apple Store.

Miss P’s i-Book had flat battery after she left it playing music and it has stubbornly refused to be recharged ever since. Despite several visits to the stores in Sheffield and the two in Manchester, she failed miserably to get it fixed and, with six days looming before the warranty ran out, I thought it best to intervene. Read more ›››

How PC Am I?

Not very it seems. And not the politically-correct variety either.

I switched on the home PC as usual this morning to find that the mouse didn’t work. Not a flicker of the red optical morning rising mouse sunshine that normally accompanies my first cup of Twinings Breakfast Tea of the day. A reboot didn’t solve the problem, so I thought the worn and wasted rodent was deceased. Read more ›››

Here to help

Over the years I’ve dealt with more than my fair share if IT’s little helpers from tech support and I have to say they are a breed apart. I won’t re-rehearse the hackneyed help desk jokes and admit that these are probably outnumbered by the caller from hell jokes –these guys have a difficult job to do, usually dealing with people who have little idea of how exactly that box of tricks on their desktop that they use every day actually works.

No, I’m not having a go, just a few observations on the characteristics of those drawn to this chosen profession that I’ve had to deal with of late: Read more ›››