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Tom Tom 2

John Cleese surprised and made me smile yesterday as I was nearimg home. “After 800 metres, take the exit,” he said. “That would be a quarter of a mile for me, but for that little bastard Napolean.”

His voice on my sat/nav. Great stuff. Read more ›››

Tom Tom

A strangely quiet day, the first one back at work after a two week break. Oddly quiet, or perhaps the office brain hasn’t quite clicked in yet to remind me of the things I’d mentally listed for me to do come the New Year.

So instead I got chance to play with my new toy, the sat/nav presented to me on Christmas Day by Mrs P which came as a major surprise, despite my many ‘getting lost’ hints over recent months. And I am impressed. Read more ›››


Now this is scary and yet another good reason to back-up your PC at least once a week!


When we first got connected to the internet in the mid-90s through Mrs P’s home office, I tried to demonstrate to my then four/five year old son what a marvellous thing it was.

“You can find out about just about anything with this, ” I told him. “What do you want to find out about? I know, how about the X-Men?” and I typed that into the then pre-Google search engine and got an early indication that the www is a place to tread warily — the results that came back decided that what I was interested in was “sex with men.” Read more ›››

Big Mac with Time Flies

Blimey, technology is ageing. Apple is 30 years old apparently. The Mac was my first love, my first computer, the one that made you go, “Wow!” WYSIWYG and all that.

That was in 1986, so I missed out on ten years of what is probably one of the most important developments in human ingenuity. The old Mac Plus may not look like much now, but it changed my world then and it shapes the world still. Where else would Windows have been copied from? Read more ›››


My first post using broadband, at least from my PC. Getting the right bit helped. Nephew ordered an Ethernet Bridge rather the piece we needed. No wonder it took several weeks of head-scratching to work out why it wasn’t.

Hopefully, I can now be your more than regular correspondent, not relying on a bit of ‘downtime’ at work or hooking up my laptop in Mrs P’s office. It most certainly won’t be funnier or cutting-edge, just regular. As in All-Bran. Read more ›››

I Can’t Believe I Said That

Back in business that is. Four posts ago. I’ve had the bloody thing less than a week and it misbehaves like a sailor on shore leave. I spent much of today trying to understand why every time I disconnected the phone line, the bloody thing fell over in a spiteful freeze.

Okay, okay, I hear you say I brought it on myself by venturing into PC World. Read more ›››

Back in Business

Thanks for your advice over where to get my new PC, but in the end I relented and went to PC World and bought myself an Advent system. I had to strike while the iron was hot once Mrs P had sanctioned the expenditure.

That’s why I have been quiet this week. Tuesday evening was spent dismantling my ageing and ailing old PC and setting up the new one. Read more ›››