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Sunday Round-up

In pieces
Jigsaw puzzles have become a popular way of amusing ourselves in lockdown and Heinz have produced a puzzle made up of 570 entirely red pieces to celebrate their ketchup.

Officials in Singapore are using a robot dog to enforce social distancing in public parks. Read more ›››

Dash It

I was browsing the Amazon website to see what odd mix of items it thinks I should consider spending my money on. This included Italian shoes and premium quality headphones for some reason, but the thing that caught my eye was the Amazon Dash.

These little gizmos are branded to a particular product and the idea is that when you notice that you’ve run out of that product you simply press the button on the Dash and it will order a resupply through some technological voodoo. Read more ›››

Busy, Busy, Busy *

I’ve been an idle blogger of late for all sorts of ‘being busy’ reasons, not least because darling daughter has been back home from Japan for the last three weeks.

That has involved quite a few outings to the zoo, the cinema, bowling and for meals etc so, what with one thing and another, blogging has taken a back seat. Read more ›››

Show some emotion

A couple of weeks ago Yorkshire Pudding assigned an emoji to his regular readers and, for some reason, I was landed with the happy halo man. The trouble is, I don’t speak emoji so had no idea if this was a good or a bad thing.

I had to look it up and found that the ‘official’ is ‘smiling face with halo’ which wasn’t particularly illuminating. Then this site explained that it could also mean ‘I just said the most inappropriate thing’ which might be nearer the truth. Read more ›››


The telephone rang last night annoyingly in the middle of Pointless as I was trying to figure out which was the most obscure town with ‘on’ or ‘upon’ in its name.

The line was silent for a few seconds then, as if we were speaking on either end of two tin cans and a piece of string, a heavily Indian accented voice announced that he was David speaking on behalf of the Telephone Preference Service. Read more ›››

Lest we too forget

A friend of ours lives in a communal home made up of individual flats with shared living spaces, like the tv lounge, the activity room and other places where people living on their own can be together.

Mrs P visits the said friend every Friday and the thing that strikes you is how unfriendly a place it can be, at least in the way that the residents can be downright nasty and petty with each other. Read more ›››

A Tale of Two Planets

Flicking through the films available for my watching pleasure on my Amazon Firestick gizmo, I ended up watching Pandorum, a 2009 production I hadn’t come across before.

There was an awful lot of whispered dialogue and I only caught every other word, so I had to resort to the Wikipedia summary to fill in the parts of the plot that simply passed me by. Read more ›››

I could’ve been a contender

Every now and then I toy with the idea that there might be countless alternate universes, places exactly like this one and yet different in at least one crucial aspect.

The theory goes that each time we make a decision, no matter how small, in another place the opposite course is taken and things turn out differently. Read more ›››