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Riddle of New Mills

Millennium Walkway

Q: When is a bridge not a bridge? A: When is crosses a river, but never reaches the other side.

As riddles go, that is about as obtuse as it gets, but it came to mind when we had a stroll round New Mills yesterday. We started at the Torrs which is a deep gorge where the River Goyt flows and was once impassable for those walking the riverbank… Read more ›››

The Year in Numbers


It’s that time of year when we look back at the nonsense of the last twelve months and wonder what the world is coming to, especially if statistics are to be believed.

Take the mobile phone for example. I don’t use one because I don’t need to and I get cross at the way people can sit in restaurants or wherever and ignore each other while texting someone who isn’t there, presumably to complain about the boring company. Or perhaps they’re texting one another… Read more ›››

Getting Back in the Swing


I’ve been a most irregular blogger of late, having had almost nothing to say other than for my ABC Wednesday postings which don’t really count as they are generally planned well in advance.

Why this should be, I’m not sure. Post holiday depression perhaps, although we’ve been back for over a month, or maybe it’s just the cold and bleak whether that is getting me down. Or is life just not funny any more? Read more ›››

Careless Talk

Temple Guardian

The one thing we’ve learned about the Thai language so far is that it isn’t what you say but the way that you say it. It is a tonal language, so the same word can have a completely different meaning depending on your inflection of voice.

We know this to be true because we happened to mention that we loved ‘Thai food’ the other day, but the ever helpful Thais must have heard us say ‘typhoon’ because they have obliged us with on and off torrential downpours ever since… Read more about Careless Talk ›››

For Christmas Sake

Co-op Christmas Cake

One of my perennial moans is the way the High Street dashes to get seasonal items on the shelves way too early. You know the sort of thing – Easter eggs in February, winter clothes in August etc – but today I spotted one that really takes the biscuit.

That’s it on the left, seen at the entrance of our local Co-op shop. Although it says ‘Christmas cakes, it actually holds mince pies and Christmas puddings… Read more ›››

Bouncy Kitchens R Us

We get lots of unsolicited rubbish pushed through our letterbox, mostly from our local LibDems telling us what a cracking job they’re making of running both the country and the crematorium, which I suppose amounts to much the same thing.

I’ve thought about installing a shredder behind the post flap or a more postman-friendly recycling bin I’ve thought about installing a shredder behind the post flap or a more postman-friendly recycling bin because that’s where it all ends up…. Read more ›››

Every Order Tells a Story

Edith Sitwell

One of the scary things about the information is just how poor the information can be, or at least what the retailers think they know about our wishes, wants and tastes.

I was looking at Trevor’s comment on my little rantlet about the watered down definition of ‘literally’ and it made me think of A Plum in Your Mouth by Andrew Taylor which is an interesting romp through the changes in the English language. Read more ›››

Literally Depressing

Mathieu Valbuena

I have been literally up to my eyes in it of late with literally all my time being spent working on the new look website, but amid it all there was literally steam coming out of my ears when I heard that the OED had literally said that it was okay to use the word ‘literally’ for emphasis rather than being actually true. This is literally the most depressing news I’ve heard in a long while. Read more ›››