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Literally Depressing

Mathieu Valbuena

I have been literally up to my eyes in it of late with literally all my time being spent working on the new look website, but amid it all there was literally steam coming out of my ears when I heard that the OED had literally said that it was okay to use the word ‘literally’ for emphasis rather than being actually true. This is literally the most depressing news I’ve heard in a long while. Read more ›››

Faith Restored

I’m not what you would call a great church goer, or any sort of church goer come to that. Not believing in supernatural beings doesn’t help, of course, but even if I was the hand-wringing bleating of the church would put me off.

However, my views may need some reconsideration, at least as far as the established church is concerned, with the news that Justin Welby is going to compete the payday loan sharks out of business. Read more ›››

Prince Whatsisname

One of my favourite sayings of the moment goes like this: For every action there is an equal and opposite, plus a complete media overreaction. Which just about sums up the birth of Prince ?????? of Wales.

The Daily Mail managed to rush out its souvenir royal birth edition, devoting twenty pages to the new mouth to feed which must be a record because they didn’t name him once because he hasn’t got one yet. Read more ›››

It’s a Puzzle

Forget about Trent Bridge and England closing in on a first Ashes Test win, you’ll find the fiercest competition in Newmarket today with the first ever British Jigsaw Championship.

I’d never really thought about jigsawing (if that’s the right word) as a spectator sport, but then I suppose it makes as much sense as bog snorkelling or worm charming. Read more ›››

I Remember Opal Fruits

The Archers

The surest sign of ageing is forgetfulness. I may have mentioned this before – I can’t remember – but there are certainly things that I forget to remember.

Like a post about the signs of ageing that I meant to write over a week ago, but it completely slipped my mind. Apparently there are lots of other ways that nature uses to warn you of your creeping decrepitude. Read more ›››


Having been a blogger for almost ten years you’d think that I would have pretty much exhausted my vocabulary and repeated most of the words in it, but you’d be wrong.

Take the that borrowed Persian word ‘pyjamas’ (or ‘pajamas’ if you speak American). I expected it to have appeared on these pages several times, but I’ve only had cause to use it once, and then in passing reference to the Mr Ed was a zebra myth. Read more ›››


The one thing we know for certain about coincidence is that they are anything but coincidental.There must be some profound meaning behind their occurrence if only we have the wit to work out what it is.

Just this weekend, I read A Life in the Day in the Sunday Times which featured 79 year-old Joan Collins. It’s not a feature I invariably read and even rarer when it features a luvvie, but for some reason I did this week. Read more ›››

Nothing Personnel

One of the things I noticed at times of great organisational change in the NHS was the way that people took the opportunity to invent new titles for themselves.

As far as I could tell, there were three reasons why they did this: 1) to make themselves sound more important, 2) to discard a devalued title, and 3) to bump up their salary grade. Read more ›››