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International Grumpy Day

International Women's Day

Google greeted me this morning with a vision of women with strangely shaped heads which was their way of celebrating International Women’s Day.

If it wasn’t for Google I wouldn’t have known it was happening as it isn’t an event that would normally grab my attention. Not that I think International Women’s Day is a bad thing, but it does seem a little harsh to exclude all the millions of parochial women in the world. Read more ›››



Amid all the hoo-ha about the announcement of the HS2 rail link this week, what seems to have passed people by is the sheer length of time it will take to build.

Even assuming it all goes as planned and on schedule (a big if) there won’t be any trains running on it until 2030 which in technology terms is light years away.

Dynamic Dave Cameron says this modern transport system will forge a new era of prosperity for the country, but anything could have happened with technology by then. Read more ›››

Musket, Pipe and Drum

Yet another crazy shooting spree in the US once again raises the debate about whether or not the country needs gun control which will be opposed by the Republicans and the powerful NRA lobby and fizzle out until the next time.

Speaking as an outsider, it does seem odd and by ‘outsider’ I mean someone who lives in a country where it isn’t a constitutional right to wander around bearing weapons of mass destruction. Read more ›››

Winter Wonderland

Winter at Compstall

All the signs are that winter has arrived. We changed to the heavier weight duvet yesterday, I’m a Celebrity is approaching its climax, the shops are packed with panicky gift hunters and Morrisons supermarket has unveiled its Easter egg aisle.

But there has been cheery news amid the cold and damp. Miss P had finally heard that she has been successful with her masters studies at Manchester University. Her family nickname is Bee, but she is now known as BSc MA. Read more ›››

Bobby Dazzler

Blue Lights

If proof were needed that our new Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, is desperately need to get a grip of law and order in Greater Manchester, it is this story from Emergency Shorts.

A police worker in Stockport was looking for the Police Constable World whose name had cropped up in the evidence forms she was dealing with. The name was unfamiliar, so she sent out an APB to track him down. Read more ›››

One Man, Eight Votes

Roy Warren

I wasn’t very popular when I turned up at the polling station at 9:55pm on Thursday to vote in the election of our new Police and Crime Commissioner.

The polling station staff were obviously keen to get home after a mind-bogglingly dull day at the ballot box and were already taking down the tables and packing up when I walked through the door. Read more ›››


Tory Wet

I often complain about supermarkets and the whole soulless business of the weekly shop, but I don’t really mean it. It’s by far the most convenient way of getting the chore done, even if it means having to put up with the idiosyncrasies of the staff.

Like the checkout sprint. Why do the people on the tills think it is some sort of race they have to win by whipping items across the scanner faster than you can pack ’em until there is a growing mound of groceries on the packing side? Read more ›››


Bredbury War Memorial

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,

England mourns for her dead across the sea.

Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,

Fallen in the cause of the free.
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