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Sunday Round-up

What a scream: An image of a screaming Donald Trump, produced for a 2016 advertising campaign for Der Tagesspiegel, has had a reworking on Reddit’s PhotoshopBattles thread.

A swan? Ah, go on: Researchers at the University of Singapore have developed robot swans to test the water in the country’s reservoirs as part of the aptly named Smart Water Assessment Network project. Read more ›››

Spitting Image

I don’t normally have much sympathy for the likes of Facebook, but I did think they were in a ‘damned if they do, damned if they don’t’ position last week when there was that fuss about them banning The Terror of War.

Their algorithm for picking up on and prohibiting the publishing of photos containing child nudity couldn’t tell the difference between the perverse and this iconic image of children running from a napalm attack in Vietnam because one of them happened to be naked. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Pizza the action: Hampshire-based Tom Gozney has designed the Roccbox, a portable wood or gas fired barbeque that can cook a pizza in 90 seconds and sausages in five minutes and has reached the semi-finals of the Virgin Pitch to Rich scheme.

The bad news is it isn’t due for release until September, three months after the end of the UK barbeque season. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Maths test of the week: Can you work out this little brainteaser? I’ll give you a clue: if you think the answer is 15, then you’re wrong.

Comeback of the week: ‘Ooo Betty’ Michael Crawford is set to reprise his Frank Spencer role from Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em for the first time since 1978 in aid of Sports Relief. Read more ›››

Past It

The thing about getting older isn’t so much the approach of the skinny bloke in the black hood and his scythe, it’s more the regret of the missed opportunities vanishing into your past.

Like being picked for the England football squad, or learning to play the piano, or speak Mandarin, or how to tie 74 different kinds of knots, or any of the things you promised yourself that you’d do someday. Read more ›››

My thanks to Roger for mentioning the video you will find below of James Veitch, comedian, scamp and spam-spammer who has spent the last three years winding up the authors of those spam emails that we all find in our inbox.

It reminded me that I’d intended buying Veitch’s book, Dot.Con: the Art of a Scammer, after reading extracts in various newspapers last year. Read more ›››



As Mrs P is more than willing to confirm, I am a bit of a messer – once I find something that interests me, I can’t leave it alone and keep on messing and fiddling with a project even if it is already perfectly acceptable.

This blog site is a good example. Since I got it up and running again in December, I can’t help but tweak this and that so that it never looks the same from one day to the next. Read more ›››


About the only time I catch onto something that has gone viral is when I catch a dose of the flu, unless I happen to be alerted to it by by one of the blogs I read, and so it was in the case of the rude waitress.

This video in a Chicago fast food spot has swept the interweb apparently, although it passed me by. My own experience in the US is that waiting staff are jolly and polite as a general rule, but I’d pay good money to witness a performance like this. Read more ›››