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Stop, Look, Listen and Think

Yorkshire Pudding kindly posted some photos of the red squirrels he saw on his recent trip to Formby as I’d asked him to and I can appreciate the problems he must have had in getting one of the critters to stay still long enough to pose.

I much prefer this native rodent to its incomer cousin, the grey squirrel, which infest our garden and steal the bird food. Read more ›››

The Right Thing

He was a smart man that C S Lewis, even if he did believe that there was a world of witches, fauns and talkative beavers hidden in the back of the wardrobe. Integrity really is about doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.

I had an example of this yesterday, even if it didn’t quite fit the ‘nobody is watching’ criteria. Read more ›››

Busy Busy Busy

This has been a hectic week one way and another. I was with my dad on Monday for my regular visit/shopping trip, then again today for his appointment with the hospital consultant.

His health isn’t brilliant and unlikely to get much better, so we will be regulars at the hospital for the foreseeable, in fact we’re due back there again next Friday for a bone scan. Read more ›››

Hello Manchester!

If you click on my portrait of the Queen waving (left), you will see that I have cleverly used a gentle soft focus to flatter her.

In fact, it’s actually out of focus and my excuses are: one, I was using my old pocket camera on full telephoto; two, I was shooting between the heads of the media gathered in front of me and; three, where I was stood was a bit of rugby scrum. Read more ›››

By Royal Appointment

Goodbye Booth Hall

A cat may look at a king goes the proverb, but they never mention parrots do they? Well we shall find out next week.

I received an invitation yesterday to attend the official opening of Central Manchester Hospitals to be performed next Friday by H & HRH, Mr and Mrs Queen. Read more ›››

Faxing by the Book

Old Fax Macine

Owl Wood’s comment on yesterday’s post reminded me of that once great piece of cutting edge technology, the fax machine, and how it once met its bureaucratic match.

It was in 1994 when I changed jobs and was briefly based in the offices of what was the Family Health Services Authority in Manchester. Read more ›››

Job Lottery

The BBC ran a story yesterday about three street cleaners in Edinburgh who have been temporarily reinstated after they were chosen for redundancy by drawing names out of a cereal bowl.

Edinburgh Council needed to get rid of seven of their 13 agency staff. They managed to select four based on their performance, but couldn’t separate the remaining nine, so a manager decided that drawing lots was the fairest solution. Read more ›››

Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint

I sat through many poor presentations in my office days. They were particularly tiresome at the end of a long day of presentations — the graveyard shift — when your brain had been beaten into submission by endless slides.

The problem with PowerPoint is the PowerPointers themselves who use their slides as a crutch to help them through the ordeal of presenting to an audience. Read more ›››