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Selection Blocks

I said I would say something about the recent job business, in particular a bizarre phone call on Friday. To update you as to where I was up to at that point, I had filled in an online personality type questionnaire, a work preferences questionnaire and had had a half-hour telephone interview to back up the latter.

My plan had been to completely relax over the weekend, to empty my head of the job business and then spend Monday morning preparing for the interview in the afternoon, so I was non-plussed when I received the call saying, “You haven’t applied for the job.” Read more ›››

One to Try at Home

Well, another postless week. I could blame lots of things, but I know what is at the bottom of it — stress. We’re going through yet another reorganisation and even though I do a good job and that my new boss does too, amid all the uncertainty there is the nagging doubt that there won’t be any chairs left when the music stops. Not a good thought when I’ve still two kids to (hopefully) fund through university. Read more ›››

Wild in the City

Isn’t it amazing how nature can find a way to flourish in even the most inhospitable places?

I was up on the roof of our office building the other day, the reason being that a photographer wanted to get some city skyline shots. While I was waiting around, I began studying the various flora that has taken root between the slabs of concrete — dandelions, tufts of grass and other stuff I couldn’t identify. Read more ›››

Head in the Clouds

I can’t recall the number of times I’ve landed at Manchester Airport, but the one thing I’ve tried and failed to do is to spot our house on the approach to landing.

In theory it should be easy. Planes landing at MIA usually come from south to north to the west our house and then hang a left and pass in front of it. In fact, if I lie in bed with the curtains open, I can spot planes passing by at the rate of one every three minutes. Read more ›››

Nearly Famous

There’s a major city centre commercial redevelopment building project going on near where I work — offices, a retail centre, apartments and a hotel. I went on the Piccadilly Place website today for a nosey and got a bit of a surprise.

I clicked on the green button for 3, Piccadilly Place and as the Flash display began, I thought, “Bloody hell! That’s me!” Read more ›››

Complexity Complex

It has been a long day. The NHS has been going through a long drawn out process called Agenda for Change the aim of which is to create a single job assessment system that will reward everyone equally for the job that they do instead of having separate systems for nurses, scientists, technicians, IT people etc.

I won’t go into the details as it is only of interest to those whose jobs are banded lower or higher than what they presently earn, other than to say some time ago I had a rush of blood to the head and volunteered to be one of those who would do the assessing and today it was my turn, with three others, to review a number of people’s jobs. Read more ›››

A Foreigner in my own Land

Well I’m back after my sojourn in Cumbria. The weather was mild, the traffic light, the people friendly and the place much bigger and remote than anything you’re used to. That was driven home to me as I approached Carlisle yesterday morning and spotted from the road signs that I was nearer to Glasgow and Edinburgh than I was to home.

As are the Carlislanders of course. Or whatever it is they call themselves when not up to their necks in water. Read more ›››

Madonna della Scala

I have to admit that I haven’t been blogging of my best of late, or rather at my least worst. I haven’t mentioned it here, but there have been various worries nagging away that seriously demotivate the creative process.

Will Miss P get the place she wants at uni? Will I still have a job this time next year? Is the pension going to stretch? The usual stuff. Read more ›››