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What Did I Tell You?

Parrot the Olympic cynic on a rare foray to London on the very day the announce the thing, and the buggers went and won it.

Not that you would have known it, at least where I was in Westminster Square. I’d expected that at least the black cabs would have been flying flags and tooting their horns, but it was business as usual. Mind you the ‘public’ were mostly foreign tourists having their picture taken with Big Ben in the background and generally cluttering up the pavement. Read more ›››

A Fan of Who?

Amusing Live8 story: a work colleague was watching tv on Saturday night when there was a banging on the door. It was a neighbour who says they were watching Live8 and just as the Who struck up, a snake came sliding out from behind the telly.

Neighbour’s wife has a hissy fit. She phones the police whose advice is not to touch it. “No bloody danger of that,” she says. Has she thought of phoning the RSPCA? Well no, as it happens, they had not considered the RSPCA to be the fourth emergency service. Read more ›››

Radio Addict

Sad admission time. In my cellar is box after box of taped stuff off the radio. Mostly old radio comedies, from quite old stuff, like the Navy Lark, Round the Horne and ITMA (even Jimmy Clitheroe for goodness sake, but Ray’s a Laugh is not only the worst pun, but was also crap), through to middling-time stuff like Steptoe and Son, moving forward to the 90s and Angus Deayton in Radio Active, the Mark Steel Solution and Nick Revel. Read more ›››

I’m Being Assessed

Or rather my job is. I been given a 37 page questionnaire to fill in looking at every aspect of my work to decide if I’m being paid too much or (hopefully) too little. One section asks if I have to drive in my job: answer yes. And why? Because otherwise I’d waste a lot of time on buses getting where you want me to be. Next question: do you… Read more

Organ Retention

I picked this document today, Stories that can change your life: communities challenging health inequalities. Basically a series of case studies of minority communities getting to grips with improving their health and all very laudable stuff it is. However, the very first case had this highlighted opening para:

“A community group in Southampton has produced beautiful and original textiles … including a patchwork quilt and an apron with stick on pictures of internal organs.” Read more ›››

Going up in the World

Hopefully I will have a little more time on my hands now. We had some important visitors at work over the last couple of days and every hour since I got back from my hols has been spent sorting out visit programmes etc as well as doing my day job.

One little story to share about the visit. So important were these people that it was deemed essential that a lift should be waiting for them when they entered the building — too important for idle chit-chat while they wait for a lift to arrive you see. Read more ›››


Good day. I’m officially now ‘on leave’ until sometime mid-January because — a full three weeks I’ve been made to take off because I’ve too much holidays left. Probably won’t happen since things are afoot and I may well have to go back on 4 January.

But enough of that. Read more ›››

Brush with Authority


We had our annual health and safety fire lecture this morning, mostly a video with helpful advice, such as if there is a fire, leave the building. It also resulted in the following email from me and my two colleagues:

Building Supervisor,

Following the fire lecture this morning, we are concerned that we are not properly equipped to deal with all emergencies. Read more ›››