Sunday Round-up

Plastic kingdom: Canadian Robert Bezeau has built a four-storey castle out of 40,000 plastic bottles on the island of Bocas del Toro in Panama.

Out of this world: Thursday was Alien Day, but not about little green men in flying saucers, rather the Alien(s) film franchise. And let us not forget that yesterday was the eighth Ed Balls Day. although some feel it is becoming far too commercialised. Read more ›››

P is for Marina Popovich

Marina Popovich held over one hundred aviation records in forty different aircraft and yet she is probably the greatest pilot that the west has never heard of.

She was born Marina Lavrentievna Vasiliyeva in 1831 in the Smolensk Oblast in the west of Russia and was evacuated to Novosibirsk in south-central Russia during World War Two. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Treasure trove: A thirteen-year-old boy has uncovered a significant treasure trove in Germany which may have belonged to the legendary Danish king Harald Bluetooth.

Third remove: Sainsbury’s has launched a ‘touch-free’ range of meat so that millennials can enjoy the taste of meat without ever having to lay a finger on their convenience meal. Sheesh. Read more ›››

O is for Felice Orsini

A revolutionary this week in the shape of Italian nationalist Felice Orsini whose attempt to assassinate Napolean III had political repercussions throughout Europe.

Orsini was born in the small city-state of Meldola but from the age of nine, he was put in the care of his uncle, Orso Orsini, in whose care he received a strict religious education. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Awkward: The makers of commemorative tat are gearing up for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but poor Harry has been replaced by another famous ginger in this plate available on Etsy.

Never fade away: The Troxler effect, named after a Swiss doctor in 1804, describes the optical illusion that an image can vanish before our very eyes. Read more ›››

N is for Nicolas Notovitch

Nicolas Notovitch

One of the essential elements of a successful hoax, apart from a credulous public, is to create a story that just might be true.

In 1894, the Russian journalist Nicolas Notovitch published La vie inconnue de Jesus Christ which purported to reveal that Jesus has spent many years as both teacher and scholar at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

April Fool: The BBC fell hook, line and sinker for the Observer’s Brexit emojis story as you can see from this clip. Other pranks included a spoof BBC report on the sighting of a Kraken on the Thames, Virgin Australia introducing the first in-flight spin classes, news that the European Parliament has decided to change the colour of Euro passports from burgundy to dark blue and Carabao’s Donald Trump-inspired mandarin energy drink. Read more ›››

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