Him Tenth Man

Yet again we thought Timmy could do it. This time the semis of the French Open.

And he had a good go on his least favourite surface. Up one set, and with a break in the second, he was on a roll. And still on clay. Going downhill from there, thirteen games lost on a run; but then he made a fight of the fourth set. Read more ›››

Another Hero

Yet another of my occasional Greater Mancunians series, prompted by the MEN tonight reporting that a Blue Plaque is to be placed at the Wilmslow home of Alan Turing.

That he was a genius is not disputed, and probably the creator of modern computer science. Often unregarded for two reasons. First, his work at Bletchley was top secret as so not reported even until long after WWII. Second, he was a homosexual. Read more ›››

Quality Street

The demand for city-centre living doesn’t show any sign of diminishing, at least not in Manchester, as developers like Urban Splash continue to convert old buildings or throw up new ones to provide the wealthy with expensive penthouses and flats. The last figures I saw said that the population in the city centre has risen from 1,000 to going on 7,000 since 1991, and it continues to rise. Read more ›››

Postal Postscript

As a follow on from my previous stuff about postal voting, the replacement forms turned up today. Along with a two page — TWO PAGE — explanation about how to use them.

Colossal Achievement

As we get nearer to the 60th anniversary of D-day, more and more stuff is appearing on the web and as we sit staring at our screens, it’s worth remembering that that was where computing started. Here in the UK, at Bletchley to be precise, where the Mk2 Colossus was put to work breaking the German’s coded message. Read more ›››

Electile Dysfunction

I am one of the millions of guinea pigs being used to test out postal voting for next week’s European and local elections. The idea is, apparently, that the system is to combat voter apathy and to encourage more people to vote. Read more ›››

Is there anybody there?

Remember the Ouija Board? That tool of the devil that Middle-America was convinced would turn us to the Dark Side? I was reminded of it because Channel 4 is to televise the first live séance tonight as part of the Derren Brown series and anyone can join in, if equipped with an empty glass, a candle, pen and paper and the letters of the alphabet. Read more ›››

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