Pot Calls Kettle Blackarse

Labour MP Nick Palmer has run foul of the Mail on Sunday. Having shopped Tory MP Ann Winterton for telling a rather unfunny joke about the Chinese cocklers drowned at Morecambe Bay that led to her being sacked by her party, the MoS took its revenge for damaging one of their own by exposing Palmer as a “hypocrite” for sharing email jokes poking fun at Islam. Read more ›››

Dry Old Time in Rainy City

More of the most enduring myths about Manchester is that it always rains here. I’m not sure where this idea came from. I work in the city and it isn’t often that I have to pick up my brolly on the way out of the office. I suspect this stereotype has its roots in geography lessons at school – we learned about the history of the cotton industry in the north west and that one of the reasons it was successful was that its damp climate was suited to spinning cotton. Read more ›››

Leg Over

Just spotted that the BBC has posted the famous Jonners and Aggers ‘leg over‘ corpsing fit on their bloopers page. I remember that radio conversation vividly and it was completely typical of Brian Johnston. Summers really will never be the same.

Bad Science

So, the research that supposedly linked the MMR jab to autism has finally been discredited. About time too. The distress caused to parents has been immense and children have been exposed to the far greater risk of measles by not having the vaccine.

I don’t particularly blame Dr Andrew Wakefield who made the original claim. He clearly believes in what he says. Probably the worst you could say about him is that he’s not a very good scientist who isn’t prepared to listen to his peers. Read more ›››

Like a Dog at a Fair

Gosh! It’s been a good while. The usual excuse of being busy, busy, busy, I’m afraid. So I’ve popped back in to weigh in to a theological debate. Apparently, the Church of England has ruled that the Magi cannot be assumed to be Three Wise Men. Apparently, the possibility that one or more of the Magi were female cannot be discounted.

I’m with Stuart Weir who wrote to the Guardian, pointing out, “There is no doubt that the Magi were men. Had they been women they would have asked directions and arrived in time, chosen more sensible presents for the baby and brought a casserole for Mary and Joseph.” Conclusive proof in my view. Read more ›››

Snow Fun

I wish I had come across this snowglobe before Christmas so I could have emailed it as a greeting to my friends. It’s great fun. Don’t forget to give it a shake.

The company that developed it, E-tractions, does some other fun stuff. I wasn’t very good at Beach Football, but enjoyed it nonetheless, and had more joy with Game Changer. Read more ›››

The Greasy Pole

I’ve never quite worked out why people become politicians. You then spend your life being slagged off for being (mix and match) a. dishonest; b. corrupt; c. disloyal; d. grafting; e. power-crazed; and the f-ing list goes on.

Admit it, would you subject yourself to that degradation day after day? Read more ›››

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