The Best of British

So George Bush experienced fish, chips and mushy peas while visiting the Dun Cow in Tony Blair’s Sedgefield constituency. Now while we like to think that it is great to introduce visiting Americans and others to one of our national dishes, it may just be that they’ve tried it before. Take Ye Olde English Fish N Chip Shoppe in Maine. Either it is patronised by nostalgic ex-pats, or there really is a market out there. Read more ›››

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Well, the tension is beginning to mount as we are less than 24 hours from England (hopefully) winning the Rugby World Cup in the Aussies’ own back yard!

Sometimes are think the Aussies are right calling us “whinging poms” judging some of the things that have been said about England’s game against France last week. “Boring kicking game” moaned the critics, but they’ve obviously never played rugby. I have and in torrential rain when passing the ball was like passing a bar of soap. Read more ›››

New Package, Same Bubblewrap

I’ve been re-branded! From here on in, call me “Excellentia – Thinking Outside the Box.” Now, that could have cost me a fortune (can’t find the BP sign on this stupid Mac keyboard). But not a bit. Just visit What Brand Are You for your own make-over. Read more ›››

War and Peas

If ever proof was needed that our forefathers were far more ingenius than we are is the report released today that the Germans had a plan to blow up Buckingham Palace with cans of processed peas. If only they had succeeded then we would have been spared all those years of Charles, Diana, Camilla and the rest of the dysfunctional brood!

Escape to New York

Bereft is a lovely word. In a whisper it embodies “being without” or “taken away.” Me and the kids are “bereft” this weekend because Mum has taken herself off to New York, but she’s earned it, as have Hil and Paul. (This is a works outing on a grand scale.) Personally, I quite liked the old York!

Word of the Week

I don’t have a big problem with jargon. I have a simple enough mind not to be embarrassed by saying “‘eh, what?” I can live with most of the gobbledegook. It’s easy shorthand for what are often complex concepts. But every now and then…

So I thought I’d highlight a few. This week “disintermediatisation.” What sort of word is that? Do you know what it means? Do you suspect that it its completely made up?’ Read more ›››

A Foray into Foreign Parts

How true is it that we expend lots of our time, energy and money to find secret foreign places, while ignoring gems on our doorstep?

Take York for instance. Okay, so it’s in Yorkshire and being a Lancastrian, I have a blind spot where the White Rose County is concerned. Actually, if you go back far enough, my Rhodes family came from Yorkshire, but then they came to Lancashire to get civilised! Read more ›››