Silenced by an Acronym

Apart from my Sunday Round-up, I’ve been pretty quiet for the last few days for the very basic reason that I couldn’t get at my WordPress dashboard.

It was all very weird. All was fine on Thursday but when I woke on Friday, there it was gone even though Shooting Parrots was still up. Instead I got a mysterious Error 500 message which as error messages go is so generic as to be useless. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

The great debate: Having sorted out Europe, we can now get down to the important question of the day – should we pronounce the word ‘scone’ to rhyme with gone or bone? A YouGov survey reveals that 51% of us go for ‘gone’ while only 42% are in the ‘bone’ camp.

For the record, I prefer ‘bone’ but what I really want to know is how the missing 7% pronounce it. Read more ›››

Q is for William Quarrier

William Quarrier experienced extreme poverty as a child in Victorian Scotland and as a result, he established the national and international social care charity that still bears his name today.

Quarrier was born in Greenock in 1829 and his father, also William Quarrier was a ship’s carpenter who died of cholera in Quebec when his son was three years old. Read more ›››

Uhtred and Solomon Creed

Having caught up with my reading while on holiday, I was hunting around on Amazon for something else and somehow landed on Solomon Creed by Simon Toyne.

The blurb on the cover cried Sunday Times Bestseller and advised: If you buy one thriller this year, make it this one. So I added it to my order and I’m so glad that I did. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Rigged election: Donald Trump is already complaining that the US election will be rigged, but it seems it’s his own supported that are doing the rigging after a hoax poster appeared online claiming that voters could post their support for Hillary via Twitter or Facebook instead of all that ballot box rigmarole.

Good news, bad news: It seems that selfie-stick craze is on the way out according to the John Lewis ‘How We Shop, Live And Look’ report. The bad news is that we are now obsessed with pink flamingos. Read more ›››

P is for John Petts

John Petts was an artist responsible for one of the most moving works of stained glass commemorating a shocking event in American history that also demonstrated the generosity of the people of Wales.

Petts was born in London in 1914, but, for the most part, he is remembered as a Welsh artist since he and his wife, set-up the Caseg Press in Snowdonia in 1937 and lived and worked in Abergavenny. Read more ›››

A Pint of Cooking

They say that travel broadens the mind, although I’m not entirely sure who ‘they’ are. Perhaps the narrow-minded whose outlook needs to put on a few pounds.

While on Paxos, we toyed with the idea of a trip to the southern bit of the archipelago known as Antipaxos, home to 150 people and endless viniculture dedicated to the production of the ‘famous Antipaxos wines’. Read more ›››