Anger on the Home Front

I really hope that Mrs P isn’t reading this because if there is one thing that gets her down in the dumps it is being reminded of the change in the retirement age for women.

It means she has to wait an extra six years before she is eligible for her state pension and to say she isn’t happy about it would be an understatement. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

PC outrage of the week: The Clean for the Queen campaign was accused of racism by missing the letter K from its ‘Spic and Span’ slogan. The word ‘spic’ is a derogatory term used in the US for a Spanish-speaking person, but I can’t say I’ve heard it in the UK, except on American tv imports.

But ‘spick and span’ both with and without the ‘K’ is okay by the Oxford Dictionary, so there. Read more ›››

Swan With Two Necks

Of all the sad changes that modern has brought, and there are many to offset the good, one of the saddest is the passing of the traditional public house.

It isn’t so long ago that there was a pub on every street corner and several in between. They were as much a part of the social fabric of the country as the church or the factory, and all they had to do was serve beer, provide a dart board, a pack of cards for entertainment and a packet of crisps for the hungry. Read more ›››

I is for Elsie Inglis

Elsie Inglis was a Scottish suffragette and pioneer of women in medicine and medicine for women.

She was born in Naini Tal, India, in 1864, the daughter of John Inglis who worked in the Indian Civil Service and she was fortunate that her parents were enlightened enough to believe that an education was just as important for their daughter as for their son. Read more ›››


Happy International Women’s Day to all my distaff female readers. No doubt you are all busy celebrating your social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

Challenging conscious and unconscious bias, creating inclusive, flexible cultures and gender-balanced leadership is very much the norm here in the Parrot household, oh yes. Read more ›››

Sunday Round-up

Jonah of the Week: 73-year-old former SAS trooper, Tom McLean, is planning to cross the Atlantic in the belly of a home-made whale. Nicknamed ‘Moby‘, the 65 foot craft has taken 20 years and £100,000 to complete and McLean’s plan is to sail it to the Azores where real whales congregate just to see what happens.

One that got away: I missed this one last week – Time Magazine named Evelyn Waugh among the top 100 most read female authors and presumably excluded George Elliot for the opposite reason. As one wag commented: ‘When Evelyn Waugh is trending on Twitter, you know that somebody did something stupid.’ Read more ›››

Lost in Translation

I’m not one of those who finds the bad English you come across on signs and restaurant menus when on foreign holidays as hilarious as the average Daily Mail reader.

The poor souls are doing their best to make a bob or two from us British tourists with our bizarre spelling and odd grammar and odder newspaper habits. Read more ›››