Policy: 1. A plan of action, usually based on certain principles, decided on by a body or individual. 2. Prudence; acumen; wisdom. 3. (usually policies) Scots the surrounding grounds of a mansion. 4. An insurance agreement. 5. The disclaimer and other legalish stuff for blogging [Shooting Parrots]

Separate from the disclaimer, below is a brief introduction to the policies that apply to Shooting Parrots.

Errors or Material Omissions: If you see any of these here, please tell me. I will fix it if I made an important mistake (it could happen), although again all the actual facts here are drawn from sources that are already in the public domain. I won’t necessarily change or delete something that is true just because you ask me to, but I might.

Comments policy: Readers are free and actively encouraged to leave comments, but these cannot always be moderated. Shooting Parrots takes no responsibility for anything you may do as result of reading them, such as giving your banking details to a complete stranger.

On-topic links are encouraged – comment ‘signatures’ or random links just to promote your stuff aren’t. You have a link from your name, and they are free of no-follow, I think that is enough, don’t you?

The name field is for your name, not the headline of your latest post or for SEO-boosting anchor text. Nicknames are fine, though anyone using a blatant keyword-grab (Custom Kitchen SEO Paris Hilton San Diego Hotel) will be edited to match their email name or marked as spam.

Please be polite, courteous and stick to the topic. This isn’t a lot to ask. I often break the on-topic rule myself, but politeness really can’t be stressed enough. Attack the content by all means, but not the person. By the same token, don’t take it personally if another commentator disagrees with you.

If I delete your comment by mistake, please submit it again and tell me. Otherwise I can’t get to the bottom of why this happened.

Spam policy: I use Akismet and Clean Talk to reduce spam. They are both brilliant systems, but it is possible that some comments may be mistaken as spam. I’m not sure what algorithms they use to do what they do, and I’m sure they wouldn’t tell me even if I asked nicely, but if you feel that your comments aren’t getting through, please let me know via the contacts page.

Email-response policy: I try to reply, but can’t always do so. The chances of me reading an email are greatly reduced if:

  • It has no subject line.
  • The subject or sender includes the words viagra, cialis, penis or any variation on the theme.
  • The sender’s name has a middle initial displayed, which seems to be a spam indicator, especially if the name is something like “M J M’aada Jeda”, a lawyer from Nigeria.

If your real name actually is M J M’aada Jeda, or anything like it, I apologise for not replying and suggest that you make up a normal-sounding fake name for the purpose of contacting me. Also that you use that name for all other purposes for the rest of your life.

Linking policy: Links within postings and elsewhere are meant to take you to places that are relevant and/or entertaining, but I can’t guarantee it. Neither can I guarantee that you won’t be offended by what you find at the other end of a link. If you are, take it up with them, not me.

Cookie policy: Yum yum. For more information, see my cookie policy page.

Privacy policy: I don’t know anything about my readers except what they choose to share with me. If I did know something, I wouldn’t store or sell it or otherwise use any you-related data except possibly to email you back. I can sometimes tell what search phrase someone has used that caused them to end up at Shooting Parrots, but I don’t have the know-whats to glean any personal detail. And even if I did, I wouldn’t.

Thanks for your time and with acknowledgements to Lowering the Bar

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