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Have you noticed that thing about politicians? I mean their absolute, nailed on rightness. Not right as in not left or centrist, but their sincere certainty that their ideas are the right ones.

I use the word ‘sincere’ with some trepidation because faking that is top of the list of desirable qualifications for an aspiring politico. At the very least they must have unquestioning belief in what they are saying and it usually helps if they have only a passing acquaintance with whatever subject they are talking about. Read more ›››

Professor of Revolving Medicine

So Alastair Campbell is to leave 10 Downing Street. (See BBC) Personally, I’ll be sad to see him go. For one, he showed that the unelectable can be made electable through sheer will and application, and just because he used ‘spin’ to achieve it does not mean that he didn’t have sincere belief in the causes and policies he espoused. Indeed, I would go as far as to say that spin can only work if you truly believe in the arguments you are putting forward. Read more ›››