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Including the kitchen synch

Kitchen Sink

The sheer number of ways of accessing coverage of the London 2012 is pretty mind-blowing, at least compared to previous Olympics that tended to be restricted to a terrestrial tv station or two and BBC radio.

Auntie Beeb has gone absolutely bananas this time round. Yes it will be on the main channels wall-to-wall and Radio Five Live ‘is your Olympic station’ but there is so much else besides. Read more ›››

Cumbria Can Cope

Places like Cumbria tend to get ignored by the mainstream media, unless you count Spring Watch and Wish You Were Here, but they’re more interested in wildlife and holiday cottages.

As far as the rolling news channels are concerned, it’s a place you might go to recharge your batteries before returning to ‘real life’ in London. Read more ›››

Cocking a Snook at the Law

The alleged rape of a 17 year old by eight Premiership footballers has had massive media coverage this week. Now the law says that journalists should not do anything that might prejudice future court proceedings, ie no naming and shaming. Read more ›››