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A is for Addo

Addo Elephant National Park was one of the highlights of our week long road trip across the south coast of Africa.

We’d read that it was 180,000 hectares in size, but hadn’t really appreciated just how huge the park was, sweeping down in a huge crescent from Darlington in the north to the Sundays River mouth on the coast… Read more ›››


The journey back to Cape Town was going to be harder, with longer drives and fewer stops, so we made the most of our last morning at the Dungbeetle to chill out before moving one.

We left about two in the afternoon, the plan being to drive through the Addo Elephant National Park which is enormous, some 180,000 hectares, or 700 square miles in old money, sweeping down in a huge crescent from Darlington to the Sundays River mouth. Read more ›››


Resuming my delayed travelogue, the thrills of zip-lining through the forest were followed by the ennui of another long car journey from Storms River to Addo, beyond Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

We decided to stop off about halfway at Jeffery’s Bay, mainly because it is known as a surfer’s paradise and darling daughter is now a surfing dude. Read more ›››