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I is for Ignorance and Interesting

Ignorance is defined as a state of being uninformed, but it can also be caused by dis- or misinformation — believing something to be true when it isn’t.

One of my favourite tv shows is QI (for quite interesting), a panel game hosted by Stephen Fry that lifts the lid on common misconceptions. Read more ›››

Watermelon Mellow

I find that cricket commentators are far more interesting and worldly wise than there football counterparts. During a lull in play on TMS yesterday, Simon Mann wandered on to the subject of alcohol and how its consumption would increase the crows noise as the game progressed.

That lead to a lament about how you’re not allowed to take your own to the match these days and risk having it confiscated if you do. Phil Tuffnell chipped in with a one word solution — watermelons. Read more ›››


One of the things about being off work is that you get to listen to some of the bizarre drivel that passes for national debate. This morning there was a Five Live phone-in about alcohol and whether we should increase its cost to cut down binge drinking and lawlessness on our city streets.

There is no point rehearsing the many fatuous arguments, but I was struck by the spokesman for the Libertarian Alliance who was one of the most bombastic, unpleasant people I’ve heard for a while. Anyway, to quote from their own website: Read more ›››