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Strange Days Indeed

I was playing with one of those Sony Reader gizmos the other day and yet again was tempted to buy. The idea of having hundreds of books at my fingertips is quite appealing. And yet…

It isn’t that I’m a Luddite about these things, but I do wonder where it will lead to if we all give in and buy a reader. Will we ever be able to buy real books again? Read more ›››

Grooming the Groom

Mostly, Me and Mrs P communicate verbally at varying degrees of decibels. Or by body language. In other words, soft or strong language, depending on disposition, or in total silence when we really, really, really hate each other. (Which never lasts.)

So today was odd. We started and continued an email conversation. I won’t repeat it all because it would spoil a few Christmas surprises, but it went something like this: Read more ›››