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Steve Jobs

There will be countless valedictory words written and spoken about Steve Jobs and his influence on modern life, indeed I have heard already this morning on the day of his death.

But while the commentators have focused on Jobs the innovator for the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, most have overlooked his greatest contribution to our lives — the personal computer as we know it. Read more ›››

Make the Most of Your Mac

For many years, the only PC I would contemplate was a Mac. I got my first in 1986, a Mac Plus which I think I’m right in saying had a one meg hard disk, but it still ran Pagemaker so that suddenly, decent presentation was possible without having to go to a graphic designer all the time. WYSIWYG was the wonder of its day.

I managed to resist our IT department’s blandishments to switch to a Windows PC for many years, arguing that Macs were the industry standard in printing, but I finally relented a couple of years ago and now work on a Sony Vaio. I still get to use Macs at home because my wife’s business uses them, but I do miss that friendly, helpful screen and the ease of use of the Mac system when I’m at work. Read more ›››