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Who Gives You Extra?

Ambridge Extra

One of my little joys in life is listening to the Archers. Very Radio 4, I know, but I’ve been tuning in for years, recording the omnibus edition to listen to in the car, first on cassette, then on CD and now as a podcast. Some things change change, but the Archers doesn’t. Or does it?

I’ve only recently noticed that there is now an Ambridge Extra, two 15 minute episodes a week that cover storylines that are only hinted at in the main programme. Read more ›››

Party Animals

Oh the excitement! We are invited to a wild, wild party. None other than that for the 15,000th episode of The Archers. Alright perhaps Ambridge isn’t exactly a walk on the wild side (though it’s had its moments of late) and neither were we invited, rather Mrs P won the tickets for two over at Archers Addicts.

So I should record Mrs P’s winning entry to show you how it’s done — although if you’re not into The Archers, it will be pretty meaningless: Read more ›››

Dum di dum di dum di dum

I forgot to mention that Mrs P got a name check at Archers Addicts the other day after winning the spot the celebrity competition and her comments:

“Your mystery celebrity is, of course, the estimable Alan Titchmarsh – every dum di dum woman’s crumpet! Please rush me my Archers gardening kit to help me get those marrows ready for the produce show. (We can’t have Jill winning again!)” Read more ›››