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Ashes in the Rain

We were once on holiday on Santorini and had ridden a couple of hired mopeds to the beautiful village of Oia at the northern tip before following the road down the eastern side of the island. Except the road disappeared, or at least the tarmac did, and we found ourselves creeping carefully down a a rutted track. Read more ›››

Out of Flunter

Completely out of flunter. And it’s all because of the Ashes. Play didn’t start until midnight, UK time, and I promised myself that I would watch for maybe an hour or so before going to bed, but seldom managed to tear myself from the telly before 3am.

After five nights of this, I was feeling somewhat zombiefied. I held on last night willing Strauss to declare, but finally gave up with England 505-1 and a draw a certain outcome. Good match though. Read more ›››

And the Sportsmanship was Where?

As mentioned previously, one of my prezzies was the Ashes DVDs and I’ve watched all but the last one so far. It’s a superstition thing I suppose, thinking that it might work out differently. A bit like that awful stage performance of the Anne Franks Diaries when the Germans stormed in demanding to know where she was and the audience shouted back, “She’s in the attic!” Read more ›››

Spoilt for Choice

Well, it’s 3pm on Christmas Day and it’s been a good one so far. My new ‘toys’ now include:

The Ashes DVDs The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories Read more ›››

Don’t Panic!

Sorry, but I am. Panicking that is. England have just come on again after tea with Kevin Pietersen just about holding things together. Looks like I chose the wrong day to give up sniffing glue.

Elsewhere, others are getting panicky about petrol. The BBC says they’re not, but having stopped off to fill up myself, I was amazed at how many cars and commercial vehicles where queuing to get in. Me, I dropped dead lucky having come in from the other side from the main entrance and straight alongside a pump. Read more ›››

There’s a Kind of Hush..

…well, if not all over the world, at least in this green and pleasant bit of it. This morning we were holding our breath wondering whether England could snatch the draw in the fifth test that would regain us the Ashes. Half a day’s thrilling bowling from Freddie Flintoff later and we;re beginning to think that they could win the game to take the series conclusively 3-1.

And while we’re pondering this possibility, the players have gone off for bad light which, while it aids the England cause, makes for a nervy time. Read more ›››


“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley” as Rabbie Burns puts it. “Bugger!” is my more succinct interpretation.

Polly’s plot to get a day of test match cricket at Old Trafford has gone down the tube. Me and Mrs P rose early and packed drinks and sandwiches, slapped on the P20 and were off in the car before 8.30 for what would normally be a 30 minutes whizz round the M60. Read more ›››