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Streak of Naked Ambition

I was never much good at Subbuteo as a kid (preferring the more energetic and less skillful blow-football), nor did I take much interest in footie until I was in my teens, which explains why I never owned the game or ever hankered after a set and so it holds no nostalgia for me whatsoever. But I had to smile when I read that the enterprising and ambitious Tom Taylor has added new players to the game–in the shape of streakers. (Okay, hands up BBC, this isn’t really news, just a recycled story from 2001) Read more ›››

Mood Swings

How moods can change. As I wrote my last post, the sun sneaked away to be replaced by threatening clouds. Not downhearted, I looked forward to watching footie on TV, only to see my beloved Man U fall to a late goal at Southampton. Then Man City managed to throw away a 1-0 advantage to lose 2-1 to bloody, bloody Arsenal. Am I depressed? Just a smidgin.

But if I’m unhappy, imagine poor Ma Lihau of Beijing who attempted to break the domino toppling record, only for a cockroach to bring her first day’s work crashing down. But she was ultimately successful. Perhaps I should take that as a parable for the football season. Read more ›››