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God, no!

Isn’t it great where the internet leads you? I started by watching a video of Tea Party politician Christine O’Donnell storming out of a Piers Morgan interview because he pressed her for her views on gay marriage and ended up watching a conversation about God.

It is an interview with Penn Jillette about his book, God, no!, and this provided me with answers to questions that I previously thought to be unanswerable. Read more ›››

Crusading Atheism

I’ve no idea whether Pope Benedict was or wasn’t a member of the Nazi Youth when he was growing up in Germany. It would come as no surprise given the times and the world he was living in. But if he was, does that make him unfit to be Pope as some people claim?

My understanding of Christian philosophy is that the repenting sinner has greater spiritual worth than someone who has shown piety all their life. Welcome home the prodigal and all that. Read more ›››