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Braai for Bee

It’s funny how often you come across words you’ve never heard before twice in one day. There was an interview on the radio about the plans to welcome back the Open winner, Louis Oosthuizen, to South Africa and they said they were planning a braai.

That would have meant nothing to me if I hadn’t spoken to my daughter in Cape Town earlier in the day to wish her a happy birthday. When asked how she planned to celebrate and she said they were having a barbeque, “or braai as they call it here”. Read more ›››

Father’s Day

It is 7.30 in the morning and I’m the only one up and about. I don’t expect to see the kids for ages yet, especially as Max and his mates were still up at 3.30 and only went to bed then after stern words from Mrs Parrot.

The latter isn’t too good — she managed to put her back out and graze her cheek while demonstrating how good yoga is for you. I’ve decided to decline her invitation to join her at the Monday evening lessons. I don’t do extreme sports. Read more ›››